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Lost Sense of Direction

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday!

This is going to be a busy and fun week because my Mom is coming to town on Thursday.
I have not seen her since April and this will be our first visitor from my
side of the family since I moved out here last September.

How was your weekend?

Friday I was able to complete my scarf I have been working on.
I absolutely love infinity scarves and I have not been able to find one in a merlot color.
Hence, I made my own!

Poor quality photos, say what?
 We ended Friday with some TV and Widmer Hefeweizen yum.

Saturday around here is normally game day. 
And you can usually see the whole family dressed something like this.
Go Green!

Sunday was a lot of fun because we started out the day by taking Roxi to the dog park.
We are so happy that we found that little gem even if it was found 1 year after the puppy and I moved out here.

The Hubby and I then drove out to a corn maze. We used to make it an annual trip when we both lived in Michigan. With the craziness of Hubby moving around the US and us planning the wedding, it has been a few years since we have gone to a corn maze.

First thing, corn mazes in California are a lot different from Michigan. The ground was crazy uneven from the canals of water flow and most of the time I was looking down so I didn't roll an ankle.

Hubby is really good at finding our location on the map. If I were to be in control, we would have been there still. 
I am so bad with my sense of direction. 
I am surprised I can make it from my bed to my bathroom.

The weather was an absolute delight the whole weekend!


  1. Hi Girl, thanks for stopping by Little Loves! Such a fab blog you have here and totally LOVING that scarf you've made! I wish i had the creative skills to make something like that and THE perfect colour for Autumn! (or Fall as you guys say!)
    Vikki xxx

  2. great pictures!! that scarf turned out great!! you should put up a tutorial!!

  3. I love that scarf! I hate that I can't knit my own scarves (honestly it might be good, I would be making them 24/7) I'm trying to bribe my mom into making me a circle scarf since I can't find the perfect one either!

  4. Great job making the scarf - love infinity scarves!


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