a traveling Wife: Pitching a Tent

Pitching a Tent

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Perhaps, not having a tent to pitch.
Well maybe there was a 'tent' that could be pitched, but besides that!

Where am I going with all this crazy, shenanigan talk?
Hubby and I went camping near Yosemite National Park.

Oh yes we did! And we had a blast. 
But I must admit it was far, far, far from 'camping'.
Or pitching a tent.

We ended up renting a cabin 30 minutes outside of Yosemite. 
We do not own a tent and do not plan on owning a tent just yet.

I grew up in a family that enjoyed camping. But camping to us was renting a trailer at a campground 
that had two bedrooms, a bath and half, full service kitchen, dining room, 
living room with cable tv for the rainy days, and air conditioning.
It looks as though I cannot escape from that mindset and we rented this lovely cabin.

Now the pictures from the website do not do this thing justice. I was expecting to 
walk into a stinky cabin with nasty hotel carpet, spiderwebs in the corners, a few 
creepy crawlies in the bathroom tub, and maybe an old tube tv. 

We were definitely surprised.
Laminate flooring, new mattress, flat screen tv, counter size refrigerator,  brand new tub, air 
conditioning, and vaulted ceilings greeted us when we unlocked the door. 
All of this for less than $150 a night?!

Not only was the cabin amazing aesthetically, but we had 
fresh towels and a coffee maker with coffees and the necessary to make coffee.

This place was like a hotel. 
However, we did not rent the cabin just to stay in it all weekend. 
Our goal was to go hiking in Yosemite and not have the long drive back home.

And hiking we did. We drove up to Glacier Point in Yosemite because we think it is an absolutely beautiful place to see if you find yourself in Yosemite. It is only open seasonally due to the 
weather and scary roads. But it is worth the drive up there.

Here are some of the views you can see from there.

I mean, it is pretty surreal looking. Isn't it?

Half Dome at its finest.

Now take a look at this little guy.

Do you see him? Right there on the ledge? He is roughly 7,200 ft above the Valley Floor. 
It is a long drop if he gets too close to the edge. Ballsy little fellow!

Not only did we visit Yosemite and go hiking plus rent a cabin, we had to visit the local bar.
Because that's what you do when you go camping, right?

Iron Door Saloon was amazing and the bartenders were pretty funny too.

But what happens when a guy walks into a bar?
He walks out with a free tractor turbo.

Yup, hubby left the bar with his brand new used turbo just because.
Don't ask how it happened because we really don't understand it!

I guess all this fun happens when you rent a cabin and visit Yosemite.

Have you ever been gifted something at a bar?


  1. looks so so beautiful! want to hike

  2. thank you for the free sponsorship! I've got your button up on my little blog as well.


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