a traveling Wife: Then I had a cup of coffee...

Then I had a cup of coffee...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I was having a block when it came to today's post. 

That is when I normally turn to alcohol. Give me that glass of wine, martini or delicious beer.
Or I could just join Santa there in that bar.

Then it started raining outside and I started imagining snow. 
I don't want to think about snow.

This is when I went to other blogs for ideas. 

Idea number one, make a gift guide.

Or idea number two, write a post sharing holiday decorating tips.

In the end, I came up with no great ideas but I hope you all got a chuckle.
Then I had a cup of coffee and called it a day.


Ready for some fun? Can you guess where we are moving?

Here are your clues from Tuesday:
This place is 35 hours and roughly 2,200 miles away from where we are now.
If you were to drive, you would pass through 9 states.
This state has two time zones.

Yesterday's clues - fun facts:
The Pan American Games were played here on my birth year.

12 different stagecoach lines ran through this state at one particular time.

From 1900 - 1920, 200 different makes of cars were produced here.

The rapid fire machine gun was invented here.

Today is your day to guess. 

Where are we moving to?
New York

*Don't forget, I am looking for bloggers to guest post while I am busy moving.
Let me know if you are interested via email, twitter or leave a comment below.


  1. I haven't blogged all week, I am lost for ideas too! Let me know if you want me to guest post though :) Can't wait to find out where you are headed!

  2. We all get writers block...but you're right the booze does help get the juices flowing! ;)

  3. Sometimes comics are the best way to avoid dealing with writer's block :) Following you back from almost 2 months ago... (yea, I had a bloggy breakdown.)

  4. Ahhh writer's block is so lame. This post was still awesome, though, so you rock. Also...I want to guest post! I'll email you, though.

  5. I have had so much writers block and lack of time lately, it is not fun! I had a good chuckle from your post though! :)

  6. I really get stuck sometimes and don't know what to blog about! Found you through a blog hop and excited to be a new follower! Hope you will stop by my site if you get a chance!



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