a traveling Wife: Feeling Lost

Feeling Lost

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The last two days have definitely been filled with a lot of emotions. 

Tuesday was packing day. Due to the nature of our move, we were able to have a company come in and pack all of our belongings. Then Wednesday was loading day. 
Now everything we own is stowed away on a moving truck. 

Not only are our belongings gone but so are our vehicles. 
A car hauler came yesterday to pick up both of our cars.

I am not sure what to do with myself now that I am living out of a hotel room.
But I can tell you that the puppy is loving it.

She is enjoying the extra pillows for comfort and the TV in front of the bed. 
Spoiled dog!

The next step is for Hubby to finish his job here, we will transfer hotels one more time in California then we are off to Indiana on Christmas day. There we will anticipate our shipment so that we can unpack and get out house put together.
Stay tune for tomorrow's post. I have a lovely friend discussing moving tips. 
She has moved twenty-two times, so she has experience.


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  1. The puppy is so cute there! :) It is such a strange feeling when everything is gone isn´t it? Good luck with finding something to do rom your hotel room! I am sure you will be fine! :)


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