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Kitchen Island Virgin

Friday, December 14, 2012

I am finally back from Indiana. Now it is seriously crunch time before the big move, which starts on Tuesday. 
This has been such a whirlwind and feels really rushed.

I am positive that everything will work out just fine and that Indiana will be good to us.

If you follow me on twitter then you saw some sneak pictures of our new home. 
The pictures were taken super quick while leaving after we met with our landlord.

I absolutely love how large the kitchen is. I am a kitchen island virgin no more.
I will totally be whipping up some delicious meals in here. 


The front entry is one of my favorite things about this town home. 
It has such a vast, open view that makes the house feel so welcoming.

Now the fireplace. Oh, I will be snuggling up with this bad boy with some tv shows. 

After all the stress was gone for finding some where to live, we were able to 
head to downtown Indianapolis to check out what the city offers.

The surrounding area is so beautiful with huge houses lining the streets.

We stumbled upon the capital while driving around.

Then we also stumbled upon this. I have seen them a ton on tv but never in real life!
Make sure to watch til the end to see what Hubby has to say - ha.

Now let the packing and purging commence!

*I am still looking for people to guest post during my move. 
If you are interested please let me know!


  1. wow, the house looks beautiful! Good luck with the move!!

  2. Hi there!! I found you somewhere in the blogosphere and LOVE your blog!!! I'm Hanna and I am your newest follower!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! You can find me anytime at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

    xoxoxo Hanna


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