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Super Secret

Monday, February 11, 2013

This weekend was, yet again, another fantastic weekend.

The Husband and I are really getting to know our new city and have finally found some go to places.

This weekend was amazing because we found two new places that are perfect for us.

Let's start with Friday.
I have been getting a little stir crazy while sitting at home job searching.
I suggested we go out and try out one of the breweries that is right by us.

Union Brewing Company has such a great atmosphere and it will probably be so much fun in the summer when they open 'garage' style doors to the outside. 

Hubby is representing the SF hat.

And you can't forget the beers. 
That's what we went there for and I enjoyed a few drinks out with my favorite man. 

Saturday started out by not having any plans but Hubby was starting to look like a homeless person with his crazy long hair. So I had him make a hair appointment and told him I would go shopping while he had his appointment and then we could go grab a late lunch / early dinner.

We have been having a hard time trying to find a great sushi place here in Indy. 
I definitely got spoiled with my all time favorite restaurant in Stockton.
I would seriously get on a plane and go to Cali just for Stockton sushi.

Well, somehow we lucked out and found this little gem in Indianapolis. 
First thing, if a sushi restaurant smells fishy just walk away. I will also walk out if the restaurant smells like rice vinegar. This place smelled like neither so I knew it was a good sign. Second thing, I don't think you can find this anywhere else but $1 special on domestic beers every single day!! 

We saw the 'special' sign and asked our server when the special was and were told, "Everyday"!

Not only are the beer specials great but the sushi was pretty fantastic. 

I wish I would have taken the picture before we stuffed our faces full.
Mega fail!!

We will definitely be going back there very, very soon.

Sunday is our grocery shopping day and that we did. We also wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early since it falls on a Thursday and we are going out of town next weekend. 

To start out our Valentine's Day date we had delicious ice cream for lunch.

Which belongs to who?

One is a mint chocolate chip/bear claw shake and the other is peanut butter moose tracks.
Don't you love the cute little face?

Our dinner was super delicious and super secret unless you follow me on twitter
You will see it on ThursdayHere is a sneak peek.

And our date night was finished with cookie dough, chocolate chip cookies, and the Grammy's.

How was your weekend?

*PS - please help the RNJ, the organization I volunteer for, with their 
new campaign. Buy a shirt or spread the word!*


  1. So glad you are finding new things to do in your new town! It helps getting out and meeting new people, the locals always know the best places to go! Also, that ice cream with the eye balls is too cute!

  2. It looks like you are enjoying your new town very well! I tried a new microbrewery the other day, it is so fun to discover hidden gems! I love Sushi, making me hungry! :)


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