a traveling Wife: I'm gonna pop some tags...

I'm gonna pop some tags...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting ready for the 5k Shamrock run this Sunday and I found myself getting some green clothing from Goodwill. As I walked into the store with my friend, all we could think of is 'poppin' tags'. 
You know, the Thrift Store song? 

Yes I am listening to the song while I type this post.
But do you even know what it means to pop tags? I had to look it up!

I know there are a ton of fashion bloggers out there that feature thrift clothing. I am just not one of those shoppers. I only find myself in Goodwill when I am in need of something specific. 
Like ugly sweater party or halloween clothing or any type of themed party.

Don't get me wrong. Your Goodwill might certainly have designer labels or clothes that still have the original tag - but there is something about seeing underwear in the kids section that were donated.
Ewww face!

I did not end up buying any underwear, shoes, or hats from Goodwill 
but I did find some green attire for the Shamrock run.

Perfect, right? I found the Irish girl shirt and Pink zip-up for myself and found a green and white zip-up for the Hubby. Our friend picked up some bright green pants and shirt. 

Clothing is just not enough for us when it comes to a festive run. 
We ran into Target to pick up accessories.

Now that our uniform/outfits are all picked out, it is time to train.

I have been fitting in as much running and cardio as possible.
I just need to practice while drinking beer.
Didn't I mention that it was a beer run?!!

Do you or have you shopped at a thrift store?


  1. I just left a post on another bloggers thrift post... I can't bring myself to do it! I think I was in the wrong type of store though and everything I saw was stained and nasty. I need to go to a nice store (consignment, Plato's closet, etc) and really give it a chance!

    I'm like you though, that's my go-to joint when I need an ugly Christmas sweater!

  2. I am loving that you titled (and wrote) this post based on that song haha! you are the cutest! what a funnnnn race! and I am the same way about Goodwill!

  3. I honestly love the colour of the PINK green clothing there! I have bough things at a thrift store and markets, mostly it has been books and cups and plates and stuff, but also some nice clothes. Every now and then it is good pieces out there! :)


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