a traveling Wife: This or That [vlog]

This or That [vlog]

Thursday, May 16, 2013

It is the moment you have been waiting for and the video I have been dying to film.
Today I bring to you a this or that vlog featuring a very special guest.

Note - the guest was really into the hockey game that was playing on the tv.
Also, this was filmed on a Sunday which is lazy day. That means you get the real me - you will see.
Lastly, be sure to leave tons of lovely comments for my guest if you want to see that face on here again.

We hope you enjoyed the vlog. If you have any ideas for future chit chat Thursday vlogs, let me know.
Or if you no longer want to hear me chat away, also let me know so I don't keep filming them.
But I know you secretly love hearing my voice!!

You should probably go follow this guy on Twitter.


  1. Ha ha how cute! I keep meaning to make my husband do one and we just never squeeze it in.

  2. You guys are so sweet! His funny faces at 2:40 are priceless.

    "Kisses or hugs?"
    "You already know my opinion."


  3. You guys are adorably cute! :D Definitively a great match the two of you! :D My hubby would not do this with be! haha

  4. You two are cute. Yes, I just got around to watching this. What's wrong with the east coast???


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