a traveling Wife: Backyard Decor - Globe String Lights

Backyard Decor - Globe String Lights

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I would like to think that I am great at decorating my house. In reality, I watch HGTV and DIY network for decorating ideas. The inside of my home is coming along one room at a time, but the outside is definitely lacking.

I have always wanted to have some fun globe lighting draped throughout my backyard since we have six trees back there (like this or this). Yes, six trees. That's a lot of leaves to bag in the fall time. But, that also means a lot of shade in the summer time. 

I think the look of globe lights would be dramatic and add just the perfect amount of light in the evening to not be offensive. We currently have two flood lights out back and those things are blinding. Well dreams do come true.

#brillantelights globe strand lights

Viola! I know, I know. The lights are not draped dramatically throughout the yard, but it was raining, snowing, and freezing cold temperatures for multiple days. I knew I wanted to get the Brillante Globe String Lights up as soon as they offered to send me a strand. I couldn't let another day pass with those beautiful globes sitting in the box. 

#brillantelights globe strand lights

So A and I sheltered ourselves underneath the shed's overhang and got to work. The 25 ft strand of globe lights fit perfectly at the overhang. The bulbs are incandescent so be careful if you decide to plug the stand in before stringing them up. I might have burned my hand just a little bit.

Now I need to go buy a few more strands of the globe lights so I can get working on the rest of the backyard. 

How do you decorate your backyard to have perfect lighting in the evening hours? Have you ever decorated with globe lighting before?

*I received the globe lighting from BrillanteTM on Tomoson for review. All opinions are my own. See disclaimer at bottom of page.*