a traveling Wife: Student Debt is for the Birds

Student Debt is for the Birds

Friday, May 1, 2015

I posted way back when about student loans. They suck, and unfortunately, a majority of us have had some type of student debt along the way. It's been 2 years since my last post about my debt and I feel like I've hardly touched it. Of course, I didn't include an exact amount back then but currently I am under $20k. That's still ridiculous - 5 years after graduation!

I have previously shared information about renting your textbooks for a portion of the cost. This whole notion of renting text books was kind of lost on me until I really thought about it. You can rent some place to live, you can 'rent' your vehicle, you can rent furniture and you can rent clothing. Why not be able to rent textbooks for school? Well, hello! You sure can. I talked all about the benefits of Campus Book Rentals on my post found here. What I didn't emphasize enough was that for each textbook rented, they donate to Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an international medical charity that helps to improve the health and lives of children in over 60 countries. That's huge! Currently they have provided over 220,000 FREE surgeries for children born with cleft lips. And this year, Campus Book Rentals will be donating a minimum of 80 surgeries. I mean, they deserve a round of applause.

I know a few of you are currently studying for something and others are parents to children that will be graduating high school this year. I highly suggest you check out Campus Book Rentals prior to hitting up the school store. One of the perks I love about their service is that you can treat the book as your own. That means if you want to highlight or underline you are free to do so. Also, you get to pick your rental period. Need the book a little longer? Just extend your period.

If you are not a student and don't know anyone needing this service, I suggest you check out Operation Smile. Just give it a look see. Education is empowering!!

*This post is sponsored by Campus Book Rentals. The opinions and content are 100% mine. :)

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