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Truth Behind The Blog - Selling Your House Fast

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Moving is beyond stressful, especially if you are also trying to sell your house. If you are in the market for selling your property, many steps were shared here - Selling Your House Fast.

The Truth Behind The Blog series is a more transparent view of previous posts. Here I share with you some behind-the-scenes secrets that weren't discussed during the time of the post. And today I want to talk about Selling Your House Fast.

I still stand behind every tip I provided, most importantly shopping for an agent and taking care of your home. However, there were a few items that I withheld due to the fact that our house hadn't actually SOLD yet, we just had a very serious offer in contract. Follow along with how the process actually went.

A and I knew we were moving from Fishers, IN to Maryland. And when we decided to stop paying rent and purchase our first house, we chose something that we thought would sell quick. We had no idea that we would receive three offers within six days of listing the property.

Now, we did make some improvements on the house while we owned it for 1.5 years. We cleaned up the entire yard and pressure washed the exterior of the house. All windows were cleaned on the inside and out, we updated a few light fixtures, and spray painted the air vents. Almost every room received a fresh coat of neutral paint and all countertops were updated with beautiful granite. The last big remodel we did was our guest bathroom - the bone colored tub surround, toilet, and sink were removed, along with two layers of vinyl flooring. This was replaced with a fiberglass tub and shower, brand new toilet, and porcelain tile.

We met with two agents to learn about their marketing tactics. They also both provided us two numbers - what they thought the house would sell for and what they believed was a fair listing price. Why did we choose to do this? Well, with a corporate move, we had assistance with selling our house and they required two agents to quote fair pricing. This also means that we signed our property over to a company and they handled the entire sale of our house. A and I still were involved when it came to setting up showings, offers and counteroffers, addenda, and inspection. By signing the responsibilities of closing onto someone else, it took a lot of the pressure of A and I.

With the situation we had, we were able to choose whichever agent we wanted but could only list our house 3% higher than both prices we were quoted. I believe that REALLY but our property in a good place and resulted in dozens of showings and multiple offers.
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If you are planning on selling your house soon, I highly recommend checking out my tips from Selling Your House Fast and meeting with at least two agents. We all feel some sort of attachment to our properties, but if you price your house too high, you are missing out on serious buyers.

Have you ever sold a home?
Do you have any tips for homebuyers or sellers?
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