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13 Running And Fitness Instagram Accounts That Will Feature You

Friday, March 4, 2016

Growing your Instagram followers can be as simple as being featured on a large Instagram feature account. Below is a list of 13 Instagram feature accounts that share all things running and fitness. 

Are you familiar with Instagram feature accounts? These are accounts that are dedicated to featuring posts typically with a specific topic or community in mind. But how can these help you grow your Instagram followers? Simply by using the relevant hashtags on your post, you are joining the community of like minded people. Not only that, your post could be featured to thousands of potential followers.

I've combed through Instagram and found you 13 running and fitness Instagram feature accounts that you should be aware of. Be sure to study each account and follow their requirements for the best changes of being featured.
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1. @runnerlandofficial 20.6k followers
Features specifically running photos. Their requirements to be featured are to follow their account and tag #runnerland in your photos. The types of photos they repost include a lot of landscaping with runners in a distance.

2. @running_life_inspiration 62.4k followers
As their handle suggests, they feature running posts. Their only requirement to be featured is to tag #runninglifeinspiration. Their favored images are ones with quotes.

3. @runnershoutouts 42.2k followers
To get a 'shoutout' on their account, you'll need to follow them and tag #runnershoutous with your running based photos. They tend to 'shoutout' images that are angled from the ground up.

4. @runitfast 68.1k followers
A running specific feature account. To be featured, all you need to do is tag #runitfast. They feature all types of action running shots.

5. @runshots 14.3k followers
If you are posting a solo running shot, follow and tag #runshots to be featured. They also have another account for cycling, if that's your thing.

6. @CyclingShots 82.2k followers
This account features all things cycling, from riding shots to just images of your ride. You'll want to follow the account and tag #cyclingshots or #goprocycling.

7. @infinitejoggers 11.4k followers
Featuring all things running and action running shots. To be featured, simply tag #infinitejoggers.

8. @inspiringwomenrunners 3,658 followers
This accounts is dedicated to women runners of all levels. They feature action running shots, post run medals, and all things that bring joy. The requirements to be featured are to follow the account and tag #inspiringwomenrunners.

9. @instarunners 207k followers
They share all things running, including finishing medal posts. To be featured, you'll need to follow their account and tag #instarunners.

10. @runnerscommunity 110k followers
They have a large following but only feature one runner a week. You'll want to follow their account and tag #runnerscommunity and #rcrunneroftheweek

11. @runstagrammm 6,179 followers
If you like taking photos of you flying high while running, this feature account is for you. Make sure you follow their account and tag #runstargrammm to be featured.

12. @runnersrepost 3,875 followers
This account tends to feature solo running shots. The requirements to be featured are to follow their account, as well as, tag them and their hashtag (#runnersrepost).

13. @endurestrong 6,076 followers
This account is for all things fitness and for all levels. Simply just tag #endurestrong with your fitness post to be featured.
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