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Truth Behind The Blog - Chai Protein Smoothie

Friday, March 11, 2016

Make your own chai spice and add it to a sweet and spicy Chai Protein Smoothie. It's filling and will satisfy your sweet tooth with only 2 grams of sugar. 

The Truth Behind The Blog series is a more transparent view of previous posts. Here I share with you some behind-the-scenes secrets that weren't discussed during the time of the post. And today I want to talk about my Chai Protein Smoothie recipe. 

I originally posted this recipe in January 2015. I was working in an office job and constantly craving spicy and sweet drinks. The job was completely repetitive and mundane and I wanted anything but to be there. So I stocked my desk drawer with tons of tea as a way to escape reality. 

My favorite tea at the time was hot cinnamon sunset found at Target. I still drink this tea regularly - it's amazing!! The cinnamon spice reminded me how much I loved chai teas from Starbucks but those things are full of sugar. And since I was using the my work gym during lunch, I was looking for some additional protein post workout. 

This is really when the Chai Protein Smoothie was born. I raided my pantry for all the spices need for a delicious chai and stored them in an air tight container. This way I would have the ingredients on hand for when I need a pick-me-up or just post workout drink.

You guys, this smoothie tastes like ice cream and is so, so tasty. Per the original recipe, I used Market Pantry® Vanilla Whey Protein Powder from Target. This is still my protein powder of choice after trying dozens of other options. A year ago, this protein powder contained 6 grams of sugar, but they have since altered the recipe and it only contains 2 grams of sugar. This makes the Chai Protein Smoothie essentially guilt free. 
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Be sure to check out the original Chai Protein Smoothie post for the full recipe.

What's your favorite protein powder?
Do you like the spices of chai?
Are you a sweet, spicy, or sweet and spicy lover?