a traveling Wife: Weekly Smoothie Fix With GreenBlender

Weekly Smoothie Fix With GreenBlender

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

This post is in collaboration with GreenBlender. GreenBlender provided me with one sample box to test out. The post also contains affiliate links which help support the blog. 

Remember a few weeks ago I shared with you all five days of smoothies?! Yeah, that was a good time, but the smoothie fun isn't going to end there. I want to share how you can enjoy brand new smoothies each week without having to leave your house.

Yep - I'm all about staying in the comfort of my own home. Heck, I work from home, why do I need to leave?

I bet you have heard about the weekly food delivery boxes by now. The boxes that are delivered to your doorsteps with all the ingredients you will need to make delicious meals for the entire week. Well you may not be so familiar with GreenBlender, an ogranic ingredient smoothie subscription service that is delivered weekly. 

These are all of the ingredients that were packaged in my Springtime Glow box. Besides water and ice,  I was provided enough ingredients to make five different smoothies that are two servings each.
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A list of recipes are provided in the box with detailed descriptions regarding the benefits of the ingredients in each smoothie. With a handful of very new to me ingredients, I loved having a chance to read up on the benefits without having to do my own research. Call me lazy!

 So let me break down the box for you and share my experience.


- The five smoothie recipes are completely unique. Most of the ingredients in your box will only be used in one recipe so you know that each smoothie will give you a unique experience (at least that was the case with my box).

- All ingredients are prepackaged and measured out for you. Besides a little washing and chopping, you really don't have to do any work.

- The ingredients are 100% organic, when available. They even indicate in the recipes if a particular ingredient is not organic (8 of my ingredients were non-organic).

- You will likely be provided with ingredients you haven't been able to try before or you might not even know they exist. I loved being able to test out some new ingredients rather than spending a lot of money experimenting. There are definitely some items I need to stock up on to keep on hand, such as noni fruit powder (per GreenBlender, noni fruit has long been used to treat antibacterial infections).

- You don't have to leave your house to enjoy delicious and healthy smoothies. Since the subscription service is weekly, you know your smoothie ingredients will be fresh instead of molding in your produce drawer of the fridge. Also, if five smoothies a week is too much for you, you can pause your subscription and wait until you are ready for your next box.

- Tips are provided on how to store your ingredients to get the longest life out of them. And they even share tips on how to make the best possible smoothie. Who knew that there was a technique?! I used to just throw all the ingredients in the blender and hope for the best.

- The box is delivered with a freezer pack in the box. This keeps the ingredients fresh while you are working or at school. Then you can collect your box from your front door at the end of you day.

- Smoothie straws are included in the box. Sometimes it's the little things that count the most!


- There is a bit of waste with the plastic packaging. My community does have a decent recycling program, but I hate to see so much produce wrapped in plastic packaging. I don't know if there is a good way around this since they are providing premeasured portions.

- They don't allow subsitutions. If you are allergic, have intolerances like I do, or just don't like certain ingredients, you aren't able to swap out that smoothie for another one.

- Five different smoothies each week is a little overwhelming to me. I'd love to just have an option for a monthly box or biweekly box instead of having to pause my subscription each week.

- You need a pretty decent blender - well at least my old school, college Black+Decker personal blender just didn't cut it.

Now you might be wondering what my favorite smoothie was from GreenBlender's Springtime Glow box. It would hands down have to be the Spring Thaw. It included ingredients like collard greens, canteloupe, grapes, mint, lime, ginger, coconut water, and hemp protein powder. It was like a margarita. Oh my, I need that again right now!! But I am a sucker for anything with mint and lime - yum.


If you are interested in learning more about GreenBlender and their smoothie subscription service, check out their website. And I'm all about saving money and helping you all save money, so they are extending a 20% discount to you. Click this link or enter 'travelingwife' during checkout. Enjoy!!
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Have you ever signed up for a food delivery subscription?
What are some unique ingredients that you add to your smoothies?
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