a traveling Wife: How To Tackle The New Type Of Stains [kale smoothie, kombucha, and all other artisanal foods]

How To Tackle The New Type Of Stains [kale smoothie, kombucha, and all other artisanal foods]

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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Gone are the days of talking about grass stains and pen spots because there now is a New Generation of Stains™. I'm talking about kale juice splashing up on your boyfriend jeans, sriracha dribbled down your oversized white blouse, beet juice spilled on your apron, or cocoa powder coated wash rags from wiping down counters. Today's stains can be intimidating because we've never dealt with them before.
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Baking can get messy and one of my favorite things to play with in the kitchen is beet juice. Beets have so many wonderful health benefits and can be hidden in almost any chocolatey dessert. One of my favorites desserts to make and devour is beet brownies. They are decadent and cakey, sweet and buttery - the perfect brownie really.

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But when baking with beet juice, or even cocoa powder, there is a huge chance that I will spill some ingredients on my clothes. It happens to the best of us. And I used to have this generalized thinking that any stains that occur in the kitchen will forever remain on my clothes, apron, and cleaning rags.

Not true! Shout®  Trigger Triple-Acting Stain Remover clings, penetrates, and lifts away those stubborn stains.

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I know my fellow food bloggers create a mess on the regular in their kitchen. So let's talk about stains and how to keep your clothes, aprons, and rags looking like new.
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Never let a stain set in.
Once a stain has fully set, you will need to use a lot of elbow grease to get rid of that sucker. It's always best to start treating a stain as soon as it happens. Start by using Shout® Trigger Triple-Acting Stain Remover as directed on the package. After washing your garment, give it a once over to ensure the entire stain has been removed. If it's good, allow it to dry. But if parts of the stain remain, try to remove it again.

Don't let a stain dry.
This goes along with the first tip. By letting a stain dry, you are allowing the stain to set in. I remember a load of laundry where a pen exploded in the wash. I never noticed all of the ink marks and dried the entire load. It took weeks to remove all the ink, but I did it.

Some stains are easier than others. Some only require a rinse of cool water, others require the aide of a stain remover, and others require vinegar or rubbing alcohol. But if the stain doesn't come completely out the first go around, don't give up. Remember, it took me over a week to get all the ink out of the clothes from an exploding pen. Just don't let the stains dry and you should be able to get every single stain out!

Now that you are feeling confident about your stains, go play in the kitchen. Or check out Shout® on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube to get more tips and tricks for fighting stains and pick up a bottle or two of Shout® Trigger Triple-Acting Stain Remover from Walmart.

What are some tough stains you have had to deal with?
What other tips and trick do you have for removing stains?
What's your favorite messy ingredient to cook or bake with?
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