a traveling Wife: Day In The Life | with a 3 month old

Day In The Life | with a 3 month old

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Every day with an infant is a learning experience. Babies grow so quickly and their routine practically changes by the minute. Here is what my day typically looks like raising a 3 month old. 

6:45a - Wake up, wash face, pump, clean pump equipment, freeze pumped milk and let dog outside.

7:30a - Wake up LadyBug and let her stretch. I then get her diaper changed and nurse her because she is usually gnawing away at her fists telling me just how hungry she is.

8:00a - LadyBug gets to play on the floor for a bit while I get my breakfast ready and make my coffee. Lately, I have really been enjoying english muffins with peanut butter and a side of applesauce. I'm like a 5 year-old again because I cannot get enough applesauce.

8:30a - We make our way back to the bedroom where I get LadyBug all ready for a nap. If she's fussy then she just gets rocked to sleep, otherwise I read a few books to her then put her down. This is my chance to take the quickest shower of my life because sometimes she'll only lay asleep for 15-20 minutes. If she wakes before I'm done, I bring her DockATot into the bathroom and get her situated in front of the mirror. There she can watch me finish getting ready.

9:30a - LadyBug gets fed again then dressed so that we are all ready for the day. At this point, we are scrambling to get out the door to make it to story time at the library. Some days, LadyBug decides to fill her diaper multiple times, or the dog wants out, or I forgot to brush my teeth. Either way, someone is having a meltdown but we always survive.

10:30a - Story time at the library! LadyBug isn't always into the songs and books, but she sure loves to stare at the other babies. It's a great excuse for me to get out of the house and mingle with other parents. We are still working on the whole making friends since moving to Central Missouri last year.

11:15a - We are back home now and the dog is ready for a walk. We take her for a stroll around the neighborhood. I then sit down with my snack (usually popcorn, pretzels, fruit, or puppy chow) and nurse LadyBug. During this feeding, she'll normally eat until she falls asleep. Currently, she does not sleep well for any length if I try to transfer her into her bed or rock 'n play. I just sit on the couch with my little baby and enjoy. This is usually the time that I also get blog work done from my laptop and catch up on emails and social media.

1:30p - LadyBug starts to wake so I pop my lunch in the microwave and get her diaper changed. I try and eat my lunch while she nurses but it typically just turns into her watching me eat. She is absolutely fascinated with food and where is goes. I finally get her to eat and then clean up my lunch.

2:30p - Play time! We will play on the floor with stuffed animals, her o-ball, practice some tummy time, play on the floor gym, or watch balloons float in the air. If we aren't in the mood for floor-time, then we'll head upstairs to the nursery and read a few books and/or sing a few nursery rhymes.

3:00-3:30p - LadyBug starts to get fussy and is ready for another nap. I walk and bounce around the house until she falls asleep. I then sit down on the couch, because she won't stay asleep if I set her down in her bed, and watch a tv show or finish more work on my laptop (I am so thankful for my laptop).

4:00p - It's time to start the whole diaper change and feeding thing again! If she's still tired, she'll eat until she falls back to sleep and I'll continue on with laptop work.

6:00p - LadyBug wakes, yet again. Her diaper gets changed and she gets fed. We then make our way to the kitchen to prep or get dinner together. She is usually content in her rock 'n play or I'll just wear her using my favorite wrap.

7:00p - A gets home and we quickly eat dinner. If we are lucky we can eat dinner together, but if LadyBug is extra fussy then we'll take turns eating and holding her. The kitchen then gets cleaned and I'll feed LadyBug if she's hungry.

8:00p - Bedtime routine and bath night! LadyBug is finally starting to like taking a bath. Finally after three months she doesn't scream the entire time. Now there's just a little fit getting her in and then a fit again once she's out getting lotioned up.

8:30p - We all head upstairs as a family and read a few books and do some more tummy time. She has a few favorite books that we'll just read over and over again because they make her laugh.

9:00p - LadyBug and I head to the bedroom where she gets nursed again and then rocked until she falls asleep.

9:30-9:45p - LadyBug is asleep for the night. A and I can now snuggle up on the couch with an adult beverage and relax in front of the tv.

10:30p - The dog gets let out if she hasn't gone out yet and we all head to bed.

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