a traveling Wife: Alcatraz - Haunted or Not?

Alcatraz - Haunted or Not?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wow friends! It is harder than I thought to get back into the swing of things.
I took that last 10+ days off while family was in town. If you all still checked into my blog during that time I was able to write up content for you before my absence. 
Now I am finding it difficult to jumped back into life head first.

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The fall weather here has been absolutely delightful but far from fall-like. However, the day we decided to go to San Francisco and Alcatraz was much different. It was cold, dark, and wet.  
I was going to say rainy but it wasn't really rain. It was more like mist from being in a cloud. Pretty crazy stuff.

The nasty weather made for some really fantastic photo shots that made Alcatraz look pretty spooky.

See all the bird poop? The 'rock' is now a bird sanctuary. Pretty awesome.

 The weather may have made it easy to capture creepy photos but it 
sure ruined the Golden Gate Bridge photo opportunities.

If you are planning a trip to Alcatraz order your tickets early. Do not wait til the day of because most times they sell out. You can order tickets online and they are only $28 per adult. 

You hop on a boat for a 15 minute cruise to the 'rock' and then you have as long as you would like at Alcatraz. You just have to make it back in time for the last boat back to shore. 
I would not want to stay the night there!

 After getting off of the boat we had to listen to a short safety speech given by one of the volunteers. He was super funny and you could see the passion he had for Alcatraz. 
He told us that roughly 380 people were on the boat ride over and there were only 250-300 inmates at one given time at Alcatraz. I thought that was definitely a fun fact.

We took the audio tour that was included in the ticket price.
The tour guided you through the cellhouse.

The inmates had it pretty easy if you ask me. They had the gorgeous view of the city as well as a bunch of outdoor activities. The above picture is the baseball diamond.

 The cellhouse audio tour discussed a lot of the history. 
Above is an item to separate the bars for an escape.

Also, the actual inmates did the cooking from the kitchen. But how were the guards to know when one of the knives were being used or stolen? They placed a sticker up in the shape of the 
knife so when the knife was removed the guards would know which knife it was. 
And those are some serious looking knives.

We ended out trip at Alcatraz with a walk down the Agave Trail.
The trail is only opened seasonally and it takes you down by the water front.

Have you ever been to Alcatraz?

 This is not a sponsored post. However, I did LOVE Alcatraz.


  1. I love Alcatraz! I have lived just south of san fran my whole life and it was always fun to go. My friends want to go on the night tour, but I'm too scared!

  2. I have lived in the area my entire life and never once been to Alcatraz. So many tourists...but I do want to go...

  3. never been-but think it woul be cool...but spooky. love the film The Rock.

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    1. Thanks, Frank. Too bad I no longer live in that area. I'm on the east coast now but would love to go back.


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