a traveling Wife: Always Be Overly Prepared

Always Be Overly Prepared

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If you knew me well you would know that I like to be overly prepared for everything.

I over pack whenever going anywhere.

I always plan out my weekly meals before going grocery shopping so I have all ingredients.

I always have backup toilet paper in the closet as well as two extra rolls in each bathroom.

I have a backup bag of dog food for the puppy.

I also have backup poop bags for the puppy's leash.

I like to plan out itineraries before traveling anywhere.

I plan out my blogging posts in a calendar to keep on track with about a month worth of posts.

Lastly, I order my Christmas cards earlier than necessary.

Okay - this post is starting to head in a different direction than I anticipated.
What I was trying to get at is that I have already ordered my Christmas cards and addressed them.
Seriously, all they need are stamps!

 I thought it would be fun to give you all a little sneak peek before anyone else sees my lovely holiday cards. 
But first, let me show you what we did last year.

Hubby and I got married Sept. 2011 and thought it would be fun to include one of our wedding photos since not all of our families were able to attend our big day.

I also moved out to Cali after the wedding and thought it would be nice to let 
family know that they are not forgotten, even on the holidays.

We like to stick with postcards because VistaPrint offers great deals on them and they are 
cheaper to mail out. Call me a cheap-ass, because I might just be!

 Are you ready for a sneak peek for this year's holiday card?

But wait, that's not it!

What do you think? Ha - I am so, so cruel!

You will all have to wait until December sometime if you want to see the full thing.

When do you start ordering and addressing your holiday cards?


  1. I need to take lessons from you...I am such a procrastinator and always let the toilet paper run down until the last roll!!! LOL! Sending postcards is such a genius idea...I may have to check into that too. They look super cute!! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I am very much a planner. I plan my meals out 2 weeks in advance (maybe 3) and buy all of the ingredients. I plan all of the meals that use fresh ingredients during the first week so they don't bad by week #3.


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  3. I love your Christmas cards! So cute :)

  4. I am a plannnner too! I love to have everything overly planned out and always have about 45 different lists going!
    I purchased a groupon the other day to order my cards but we need to take our picture for them soon!

  5. I am a planner but have been waiting to for Thanksgiving so we can get a family photo for the Christmas card. I am so impressed that yours are already done! It pays to be a planner!

  6. working on my christmas cards today! This is the first year that I will be doing on. I am excited! xo annalizbeth

  7. I plan everything but my meals! haha But I do plan early and love good bargans. I used to make my own cards, now I do not have the time, but I just got my xmas cards on special half price yesterday, as they were last years cards. I was like who can see that? hahahaha


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