a traveling Wife: Whine or Wine?

Whine or Wine?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!

Last week I was away from my little blog-land while my Mom was in town visiting.
She had so much fun dining out, wine tasting, visiting the Pacific Ocean, going to San Fran and Alcatraz. We did so much and I want to share it with you all but I do not want to bore you.  
Plus all the pictures are not on my camera so I have no actual proof. Major fail!

I do want to share some of the photos from Alcatraz. Remember when we went a few weeks ago?
Well, we were only able to visit the cell house due to time constraints. 
So Hubby and I were delighted to go back while my Mom was in town.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in San Fran. The temperature was in the upper 70's and we were greeted with a clear blue sky. As clear as you can get in San Fran.

My Mom and I
Some of the buildings just look amazing - all weathered and worn.
I cannot believe that we missed all of this on our first trip to Alcatraz.

I always love looking at new plants and Alcatraz is a home to many exotic plants for the US. 

After walking and walking in the beautiful sun, we found this.

I want this bad. I don't know what I would do with it but it would look gorgeous somewhere.
It was outside what is left of the Warden's house. I don't know if it was from the imprisonment times or the army times or from someone else - but I want it.

Of course, what would be a post full of photos without a picture of the Hubby and I?

I still cannot get over how nice the weather was for the beginning of November.
California really knows how to treat out of state visitors.

How was your weekend?


  1. I wish we would have gone to Alcatraz when we were out there. We did view it from a distance, but didn't take the ferry. It looks like it was worth it! xoxo

  2. Looks like a very fun trip! Nice pictures of Alcatraz! I'm a new follower from the GFC Blog Hop, excited to stumble onto your blog!

  3. It looked like a really nice day! ANd I love the picture of the two of you! :)


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