a traveling Wife: The Best News I Have Heard in a Long Time

The Best News I Have Heard in a Long Time

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If you can remember a few weeks ago when my in-laws were in town, Hubby and I bought our first piece of furniture together as a married couple. Now I finally have a chance to show you our bed.

Let me just tell you how much I love this. I have been looking for quite some time now for an upholstered grey platform bed. But I have a hard time going to the store to purchase a bed that is over $1,000. I'd rather put the money towards a good quality mattress. 

Once I found this beauty from Cost Plus World Market I dragged Hubby to the store to look at it.

We both agreed that it was something we wanted and went to purchase it. Well, it was on back order.
I was heartbroken but they put our name on a rain check and said they would call when it was back in stock. Four weeks later, I thought maybe they forgot about us or that the 'rain check' was fake.

They said they still did not have the bed in stock that it would be around 6 more weeks.
We waited and waited. 

Hubby then tells me, while his parents are in town, "Oh, hey. World Plus called and said the bed was in." Hallelujah. That was the best thing I had heard in a while. I asked him when they called and he said, "I don't know. A few days ago? I was really busy!"

That is when my balloon deflated. I did not know if they were going to hold it for us or not. 
The next day we went in there and bought out beauty.

We pulled our Jeep around back to pickup our piece and... The box was too big!!

There just so happens to be a Lowes in the parking lot and we went to rent one of their trucks.
Come to find out, they don't rent out trucks any longer. So we bought some rope and whatever else Hubby said would hold that thing on the car, drove back over to pickup our bed and the 
employee says, "Why don't you just take it out of the box?" Wow, genius idea. 
Why had we not thought of it earlier?

Now we have our bed and we love it. All that is left is to purchase a low profile box 
spring because we can not get used to sleeping without one. 
We ended up putting the box spring back on for extra comfort.

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