a traveling Wife: Complete Devastation

Complete Devastation

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Monday, welcome back.

This weekend was fantastic. Not because I was still getting over the flu but because it was our first weekend in our new house alone. No visitors, no unpacking, no more lists. 

It was just a weekend of working on our cars well Hubby did and grocery shopping and visiting some local bars and getting turned down from buying alcohol on Sunday more on that later.
A weekend full of normal living.

Friday night ended with this delicious beauty.

Oh yes, I totally hacked In-n-Out Burger's system for their secret sauce recipe. 
Kidding! But I did find a recipe that is so very similar. 

Have you ever traveled out west and ventured over to In-n-Out to see what the hype is all about then become immediately disappointed that you do not have one where you live? My first time having In-n-Out was when I moved to California I only ate there about 5 times and now for some reason I am super depressed that I do not have one on the street corner.
Now I will just have to make this recipe over and over again.

Saturday was filled with oil changes on both of the cars as well as a long walk through the trails with the puppy. The weather couldn't have been any better for the midwest, 60 degrees. 
There were people in shorts and tank tops in January! 
That was a little ridiculous, but to each their own.

After we tired Roxi out with the walk, we were told by someone that we needed to try out this bar called Woody's which just so happens to be a 15 minute walk from our house. So we headed over there walking through such a cute neighborhood to find ourselves at a homey bar. The atmosphere was great and the people were so funny. That might just be our new hangout.

Sunday was a day of shopping - ice arena pro shop, autozone, health food store and grocery store. 
This is when we put beer in our cart then emptied our cart on the conveyer belt at 
checkout only for the cashier to say, "I am sorry to tell you, but the state of 
Indiana does not allow the sale of alcohol on Sundays."! 

Say what?! 

Devastation set in or are we just alcoholics

We were told this by a bartender before we even moved here, but why should we remember such a crucial fact? It just looks like we will have to change our grocery shopping day.

How was your weekend?

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  1. The alcohol rule is such a weird concept to me...what exactly is the reasoning behind it anyway? It's the same as any other day, no?


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