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Best Way To Lose Weight

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I have noticed a huge trend online with juicing and cleansing and juicing cleanses. 
I mean, the Hubs and I did our own fruit flush  at the beginning of the year too.

But let me tell you, a much more effective way to lose weight although it is not healthy.
That would be by getting the flu. That's right friends. 
Yesterday I was glued to the couch, chair, and bed all day feeling absolutely miserable. 
I bet you have heard the saying 'starve a fever, eat a cold'. I was definitely starving that fever since I had no appetite at all. Because I was feeling so bad yesterday, I did not have a post for you all.

I am back full force today with our meals for this week.


  1. your post reminded me of the emily blunt character in 'the devil wears prada' who said "i'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight". these dishes all look so delicious!

    xox P

    phiphi's blog

  2. Oh you poor dear! I hope you feel better soon! I was hit pretty hard with illness this year too, and it's just sooooo draining (no pun intended) ;-). Your meals look delish, and YES we want a house tour! Happy Wednesday to you!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon! :)


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