a traveling Wife: Snow and Hot Chocolate {Recipe}

Snow and Hot Chocolate {Recipe}

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I said in yesterday's post that today I was going to share a recipe that has been highly requested.

But first, snow dumped down on us last night.
This relates to the recipe!!

I may be done with having snow outside for the season but it sure is pretty to look at.

I opened up our balcony door and the puppy just helped herself out there.

She is such a snow dog, sitting her bum in the snow.

 "Mommy, I'm all done!"

Now that we have all this snow on the ground, I can bundle up in a blanket and drink some Nutella hot chocolate. That is right! Today's recipe is for Nutella Hot Chocolate.

I pretty much make this daily and do not measure any more, but here is the general breakdown below.

You will need:

Measure everything out.

Whisk, whisk, whisk until frothy.

Pour and enjoy!

Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe


- 1 1/4 cup, or more depending on mug size, any type milk (2% is probably best but I like to use 1/2 fat free milk and 1/2 vanilla soy milk)
- 1-2 heaping Tablespoons Nutella (I use about 1.5 Tablespoons, depending how chocolatey you want it)
- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
- dash of cinnamon


- Heat half the milk (mixture) and nutella in medium saucepan, whisking until melted.
- Add remainder of milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. 
- Whisk until warm/hot and frothy. 


  1. Cute pictures!
    Love hot chocolate! Looks like a great recipe!
    New follower!



  2. This looks delicious! I love Nutella (who doesn't!?).

  3. Such a cute little dog :) I have a french bulldog myself

    Professionally Petite

  4. You dog is so cute!! I love find new hot drinks to enjoy. Definitely trying this one
    Mavy May Designs

  5. Nutella hot chocolate....yum!!! Might need to indulge in this today!

  6. Aww such a cute dog!!!


  7. Oh boy, my husband and I would love this- him especially, HUGE Nutella fan!


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