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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There are so many Mommy blogs out there.
Showcasing their sweet little babies all dressed up in their finest, dirty from playing outside, or just their precious smiling faces. I want to be considered a Mommy blog. I mean...

I am the Mother to a fur-child. So for today and today only I welcome you to 
a traveling Wife, a Mommy blog - featuring Roxi, the fur-child.

Let's start way back when, May 8, 2009. 
A and I drove about 2 hours, from Michigan to Ohio, to pick out our sweet little fur ball.

Once we arrived to the rescue organization, the lady brought out two puppies. One was the one I really wanted from looking at the organization's available puppies to adopt and the other was a pleasant surprise. This little surprise hopped all over the place and wanted all attention on her.
A looked at me and said, "Let's adopt her.", and that we did. 

Little Miss Wilma turned into Roxi after completing our adoption paperwork.
She definitely does not look like a Wilma.
Roxi was a trooper during the entire trip back to her new home. 

This little 1.1 lb, 7 week old PomChi made our hearts melt and she still does.

Today, she is the master of our home. 
Roxi loves to snuggle in the morning, be my assistant by day, and security guard by night.
Roxi is also a well traveled dog. She has traveled by car numerous times and flown by air twice.
She's had overnight visits to Ohio, Michigan, California, Nevada, and Indiana.
Roxi has been a huge part in our life and has been able to experience milestones with us, from being there on our wedding day and vacationing with us for our one year anniversary.

I must say, she is the cutest and sweetest dog I know I am being very biased.
After just celebrating her 4th birthday in March, I am so happy she is healthy and young!
I do not want her to go anywhere.


  1. she has such an adorable face. we traveled with Pearl to the beach when she was about 8 months old and she freaked out over the ocean. We didn't dare take her out there again. Roxi has flown more than me!

  2. Ohhh your pup is sooooo cute!

  3. i'm just a fur-mommy, too. i love reading about people who love their dog as much as i do. sometimes i feel like i might be crazy because i love my pup so much. but the fact is, they're just so lovable! and your Roxi is just so cute.

  4. Adorable!!! They grow so quickly :(

  5. Awww love her! Our two totally run our house as well!

  6. Such a sweet girl! I'm a fur-mommy too! It's amazing how quickly they become such a big part of our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  7. She is so cute!! We are both mommies of fur children!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Hi Jenn! Just hopped over to your blog from Shannon's (Sitting in a tree) and Roxi is a doll! My parent's dogs name is Roxie too. :) Anyway, I'm in Cleveland so just a few hours away. Hope your weather is warming up.. it's still frigid up here. :(

    Our Journey

  9. She is absolutely gorgeous! :) That is real puppy eyes for you! :D


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