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Sore Lady Bits

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wow, talk about a productive weekend for A and I. 
I hope you had a great weekend as well and I want to hear all about it.
Leave me a comment below telling me what you did this weekend.

So, let's start with Friday.
Friday was not really productive or exciting. 
Once A came home, we had a couple of drinks and called it a night. 

Saturday began with breakfast, a little workout, and getting cleaned up.
We then ran to the store to buy these little gems.

We bought two new bikes. Nothing too fancy just something to get us from point A to point B since we live off a huge walking/biking trail. Now you might need a little back story. I do not even know the last time I rode a bike - way back when I was a little kid, I assume. I never got on a bike in my adulthood. Not even a stationary bike, as I am sure I would fall over. So when we were shopping for bikes, A kept asking if I wanted a helmet. I, of course, am way too good for a helmet and opted to no get one. How am I a good bike rider if I haven't been on one since childhood?

News to you all, I did not fall off the bike and I rode in a pretty straight line!!


And then I said my vag hurts. I mean, how and why in the world do people put their bodies in torture like this? We ended up riding about 5 miles on Saturday and my lower hemisphere was screaming!

The remainder of the day consisted of grocery shopping, movies, and enjoying adult beverages.

Sunday started with a little bike ride to go get breakfast sore lower female parts and all.

The cafe that we ate at has some of the best food I have ever eaten and their menu is always rotating. Nothing there will ever disappoint!! 

The remainder of Sunday was spent with me working on a DIY project and A working on his car.

We had a great weekend.


  1. That food looks INCREDIBLE! Sorry that you`re sore, that's the worst part of biking- although my dad is an avid biker and he bought a softer, more comfortable seat for his bike!

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  2. the food looks supah tasty! and congrats on getting a bike, I couldnt imagine my life without one! I cycle everyday (even to the clubs, haha)!

  3. story of my life when I ride a bike, except we have the beach cruisers, which have like the BIGGEST seats ever, and my ass hurts EVERYTIME we ride over 3 miles. I pretty much have to stand the whole time.

    I really need more cushion for my pedal pushin'!

  4. Well... I use to have a white/pink bicycle until someone stole it off my balcony when I lived in DC! I haven't replaced it yet and that was like 7 years ago! ha

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    Have a great day!


  5. Hahaha, you look so cute! :) I had a bike accident a few years back. So happy I had a helmet on then! :) Highly recommend it! :)


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