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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All afternoon and evening last night, I sat in front of the TV in absolute shock. 
The Boston Marathon is supposed to be a joyous day and that has been taken away from people.
My heart goes out to all the runners, spectators, family, and residents of Boston and Massachusetts.

However, it did brought back memories of the good times I spent in the surrounding area when A used to live there. I thought today might just be a good day to shine light on the beauty that Massachusetts has to offer during these dark days. 


Just over three years ago, A took a job offer that placed him just North of Boston. 
I was still attending university and did not move with him but I had a chance to visit during vacations. He made some great, lifelong friends and we were able to see a lot of Massachusetts.

We spent a lot of time at different beaches. They are absolutely beautiful places to be.

We also did a lot of touristy things - like going whale watching or walking the Freedom Trail.

One of my favorite things though was waking up to see the sunrise. I never had the opportunity before to ever see a sunrise. Growing up in the midwest, our closest option was to see the sunset over Lake Michigan. 

The morning was absolutely freezing, so on our way to the beach we stopped at Massachusetts' favorite coffee joint - Dunkin' Donuts. We grabbed a hot beverage and then planted our butts in the cold sand. Thank goodness we brought a blanket because we needed it. 

It was absolutely beautiful.

Have you been to Massachusetts? What's your favorite thing about going there?


  1. Love the up close picture of the rocks and shells.

    I have never been to Massachusetts (whew- had to copy your spelling on that one!) but I would love to do a road trip and go camping. I`m still shocked and devastated at the violence in this world, but this is a beautiful tribute.


  2. Aww that looks lovely! I've been planning to go visit my brother who lives there for awhile. Must do it.

  3. Absolutely LOVE Boston and the state of Massachusetts!! I saw my first MLB game at Fenway and became a huge Redsox fan. The freedom trail is also amazing!!

  4. Boston look like a nice place. One of my colleagues is from the area, and he have always been telling us how stunning it is! :)


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