a traveling Wife: Monthly Recap {May}

Monthly Recap {May}

Monday, June 3, 2013

Well happy Monday to you! Ready for a quick weekend recap? We had a guest on Friday night and drank a lot of beer. Saturday was filled with riding bikes 6 miles for one bike to brake then walk the remaining 2 miles home. A took the bike in, got it fixed, then we went back out for another ride. Sunday was spent grocery shopping and preparing for this week.

There. That's it. We lead very exciting lives!

Now onto a bigger and better recap - May blogging recap.

We had a house guest at the beginning of May and, being the good hostess that I am, I made over two pounds of steak for three people. Did we finish it? Nope, but it was delicious.

In case you are blind, unobservant, or just stopping by for the first time, my little home here in the dot com world got a new facelift. All new colors, new header, and I changed up the layout.

I participated in a linkup where I talked about how I had the best job. Ever!

Chit Chat Thursday vlogs included the equipment I use for home workouts and a taste test review of some nutritional supplements. Also, if you missed this one you should go watch because I had a very special guest!

I shared a little piece of my life here.
And another little piece here.

Every Tuesdayish I am bringing you along with me on the Revolt Fitness journey. You can read all about week two, week three, and week four.

I asked you to share your dirty little secrets with me. If you didn't share already, spill the dirt!

You were able to see the sad little face I get when I exceed my weekly budget.
I shared my input on the differences between the Midwest and West Coast.

I rambled and rambled then shared a secret with you - bloggers are liars.

Favorite Recipes:

Favorite Weekend Pictures:
one / two / three

one / two / three / four
Do you have a favorite post from May?
How was your weekend?


  1. Love the idea of a recap! Must take so much time to do though!

  2. Love your recap and here's to another great month! :)

  3. I love your monthly recaps! So fun to look back on everything.

  4. Great monthly recap! The recipes look really yummy. I look forward to reading your blog as I am now a new follower. :-)

  5. I would like to do a monthly recap but I'm not as organized as you! :)

    Love reading about your favorite recipes. I'm getting good ideas.


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