a traveling Wife: Battle of the Boxes - Pt 7

Battle of the Boxes - Pt 7

Friday, July 19, 2013

I am sad to say that this is the last subscription box for the series. I loved learning and researching all of the different types of subscription boxes that are out there and I am grateful for the companies that were willing to send me a box to review. Next week I will recap all of the boxes I received as well as which one was my favorite.

*Ad - Love with Food sent me a free box to review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.*

If you did not know by now I love to eat and I love food. I mean both of those go hand-in-hand. Dare I say that I have a serious love affair with food. So when Love with Food offered to mail me one month subscription box to review for this series, I was kind of freaking out.
Every month, Love with Food sends out a box full of gourmet and hard to find tasty treats right to your door. Not only are you receiving yummy snacks to try but for every box sold, Love with Food donates a meal to food banks around the country. I think that is pretty great. No, actually I think that is really great.

The first thing I noticed when I received my box was that it was basically bursting at the seams. After I ripped into the box to see what I received, there was no way I could fit everything back in there. That is why the picture above is secretly an empty box. Yes I take my pictures after I go through everything. Go ahead and hate me! Now I have seen several similar packaging throughout this entire series and this is not much different. However, I find the inside of the box to be adorable. Probably because the inside reminds you that you are doing good by purchasing the box.
Can you believe how much cool stuff they fit into the box?
Because I love food so much, most of these items have already been consumed by yours truly. And that $50 gift card for Naked Wines, oh yeah, I used that too. I must say that this was a box that I thoroughly enjoyed receiving, opening, and consuming. I don't think there was one thing in this box that I have tried before and most of these products I have never heard of.

This is what I received:
Roasted Seaweed from Seaweed Love (0.18 oz) = $1.33
Gift Card to Naked Wines = $50
Coconut + Mango Fruit Ice from Smooze (65ml) = $2.33
Gluten Free Pineapple Coconut Cereal bar from Do More Bars (1.23 oz) = $1.92
Organic Fruity Bears from Surf Sweets (0.5oz) = $2
Sweet Plantain Chips from Turbana (1.05 oz) = $0.79
All Natural Fruit and Soy Bar from SoyJoy (1.50 oz) = $1.19
Pomegranate Mint Gum from PUR Gum (9 pieces) = $1.80
Organice Hard Candy from GoOrganics = unknown about $0.60
Organic Drink Mix from Flavorz ( 1 oz) = $1.56
If you have never heard of this box, I would highly recommend you check them out. No, wait. I demand that you go to Love with Food's website to learn more. And all you food junkies out there, go save up $12 to order one of these boxes. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Do it, do it now!

Have you ever heard of Love with Food subscription box?

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  1. All of those treats look delicious! I have to admit that if I ever did one of those subscriptions boxes, I would do a food-related one. :)


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