a traveling Wife: #RHONJ - Family Similarities

#RHONJ - Family Similarities

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I watch a lot of reality TV and I love to compare the shows to my real life. You know, because I only talk to my girlfriends while downing a bottle of wine and I totally roll out of bed with my hair and makeup looking perfect. No, that is not the case but I do like to relate certain situations to things that I may have experienced before. Let's take the Real Housewives of New Jersey, shall we? Just keep reading.

If you have not watched the last 2 weeks of RHONJ then you are really not missing anything. But if you did watch you have a good understanding of what my family is like because this show is just a reenactment of my life basically. While we have never had an actual fist fight, it would probably be best if we did. The situation is rather quite embarrassing and I am ashamed of the choices people in my family make. I would like to think that A and I are the normal ones but who really knows. 

How much can I really say without giving too much away? How much can I say without being the angry person? How much can I say while still protecting their identities? I'm not sure but I will try. 

After I typed out why I am embarrassed by each person in my family, I became ashamed that I was willing to put that up online. Does that make me a bad person? I guess no family is perfect but I would like to think that each family has something/someone they are ashamed of. I will say this though, I feel like I am the outcast in the family. I work hard to do the right thing, I have never been pulled over while driving, I graduated college, I have a full time job, I own my car, I have very little debt, and I try to do all the right things. No matter how small those things may be to some people, I just don't understand why credit is not given to the people that deserve it. I feel like my/our family supports those individuals that are struggling the most while putting A and I down.

I will never forget the time that A and I were looking to buy a house in California about a year ago. We didn't tell anyone in our family that we were even looking let alone put an offer on a house. After we were denied the house we finally reached out to family and all they said was something like are you sure that's a good idea. Seriously, way to crush our dreams. Then remember  how I was unemployed for over 1.5 years? Yeah, well after I landed my new job family said great now we can't come visit you. Just because I got a job doesn't mean I am dead and I am sooo sorry for actually working!

To tie up this depressing post, RHONJ is just my family if we were Italian. 'Nuff said. But I will end with this.

Do you have family problems?