a traveling Wife: These are a few of my favorite things...

These are a few of my favorite things...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

*Ad - Revolt Fitness is allowing me to participate in the program at no charge so long as I share weekly posts. All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.

Words I said 12 weeks ago...

I am walking away from my before life.
Learning the basics and adding to them.
I will become the expert.
You will see me be vulnerable, courageous, and I will become stronger.
Along this journey I will most likely make mistakes.
But in the end, I will suck less.

That was when I first began the Revolt Fitness program. Boy, did I learn a lot over the last 12 weeks. Of course I failed some weeks and other weeks I really rocked it out - but isn't that life? So now that I have come to the end of the program as a Revolt Fitness Blogger, I wanted to share everything I love from the program as well as my results.
I feel great even though I was not able to reach my goal of getting down to 22% body fat. My all time favorite thing from the program was being able to workout with A and see all of the changes that our bodies can make, also working out from home is pretty freaking awesome!

My favorite workout from the entire 12 week program was this:
My favorite meal/snack from the entire program was the coconut almond macaroons but I can't find the recipe anywhere so I pretty much suck. But those things are amazing.
You don't have long until the August Uprising starts to get your body in the best shape it has ever been all while learning how to eat right and have fun while working out. You can join for as low as $10 a month or $50 for the annual program. I would say the results are well worth it. 

I loved being a part of the Revolt Fitness program and cannot wait to continue the make changes!


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