a traveling Wife: What Not to Wear - Shoe Addition

What Not to Wear - Shoe Addition

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today I bring you a post not about jelly shoes. Okay, I guess it is in fact about jelly shoes but I am not endorsed by them. Seriously, who decided that these shoes from the 80's and 90's would be fashionable again? And for adults? Hell to the no.

I was going to share with you a delicious dessert recipe that I ate on Sunday and gave a sneak peak of on Instagram but I cannot stand seeing all these posts about jelly shoes. That brings me to my post today. I just have to address the huge elephant that is going around the blog world. These shoes might be cute on little toddlers running around but I remember them giving me awful blisters. Adults should in no way ever wear jelly shoes. Ever.

Honestly, if I see another sponsored post/image promoting jelly shoes I will unfollow that person. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking sponsored items and reviewing them but please make sure it is a sellable item - jelly shoes are not that. All these bloggers I see reviewing these shoes I just cannot picture them wearing the shoes out in public. Let's just be real here, they wanted the free item regardless.
I am going to step off of my soapbox now and enjoy my favorite real adult shoes. Best of luck to you jelly shoe wearing fools.


  1. Haha, I loved jelly sandals when I was a kid! I haven't worn them since I was like seven, though, nor do I plan on wearing them again anytime soon :P I love wedges and flats for the summer! Flip flops too, although those are horrendous on your feet :/

  2. LOL You crack me up! I felt the same way when I saw all the jellies posts. They were great when I was 5, but at 31? I don't think so!


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