a traveling Wife: Backyard BBQ, New Home, Wedding Flowers and more

Backyard BBQ, New Home, Wedding Flowers and more

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Today is a very exciting day! All of our belongings have been delivered to the new house and now it really feels like we moved. Let me tell you how weird it is to own two houses (one in Indiana and one in Maryland) and be stuck in a hotel for several days because all of your belongings are en route.

I posted this lovely photo on Instagram the other day and I really just can't believe this is my backyard. I see many drinks, gatherings, coffees in pajamas, blog writing, puppy lounging, and relaxing times spent on this deck. It's perfect and huge, and I already have a lot planned for it.

Pillow - Hayneedle // Drop leaf table - Ikea // Bench - Ikea
Luminary - Home Depot // Chiminea - Lowe's // Conversation set - Walmart

What I am most excited for is dressing the table with fresh flowers. I have never really had a knack for putting together flower or is it floral arrangements and typically just purchase bouquets from the grocery store - gasp! Occasionally I will order an arrangement from a florist if I need the flowers for a special occasion. 

I was contacted by Bloominous to compose a post that was wedding focused to showcase their DIY flower kits. Well sometimes we all need to break the rules!! After I browsed their website and social media accounts for oh, an hour or so, I realized their flower kits aren't only for weddings but they would work for any occasion. Okay sure, you might not need a boutonniere for your backyard BBQ, but a beautiful centerpiece would be lovely. 

Richard founded Bloominous after being shocked with the florists' prices for his 2012 wedding. Richard was not naive or uneducated about the floral industry because he held a General Manager position with a large floral company. I can definitely relate to Richard, but I am the naive one. When A and I were planning our 2011 wedding, I was dead set that our floral arrangements would be around $750 - when in reality, we paid around $2500 (I had to look up the invoice to find that price)! I just threw up a bit knowing that we paid that price.

Now back to my screened porch decor. I could do something like thisthis, or this for all under $50 a centerpiece. My favorite thing is that they offer a paid trial kit prior to purchasing your final order. I think this one would totally match the above deck decor board. Plus, add in a few of these succulents and my table would be completely dressed.

If you have made it to this part of the post - high five you made it to the best part!! Remember when I said that I don't know how to put together floral arrangements? Bloominous has you covered with some YouTube videos that give you step-by-step instructions for their kits. Of course I watched a few of them and I feel like I can conquer the world... or put together a killer centerpiece.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Be sure to check out Bloominous and go say 'hi' on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Better yet, check out their lovely Pinterest boards - they make me want to renew my vows.

Have you ever put together a DIY floral kit? 
How much money did you spend on your wedding flowers?

*I was compensated by Bloominous for this post. There are NO affiliate links within this post. Thank you Bloominous!