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When Doody Calls

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My schedule has been all sorts of crazy this week. Perhaps it's because of the long weekend or perhaps it's because my last day at my real-life job is tomorrow.

For those that missed it, A and I moved from the Midwest to the East Coast not very long ago. My current job was willing to keep me on as a remote employee while they hired and trained a replacement. Well work is slowing down and I am gracefully walking away from that position. Gracefully before I lose my damn mind!!

It is now already Thursday, which really feels like Wednesday, and I completely missed What I ate Wednesday (#WIAW). That's okay because I have really been thinking about why we feel compelled to share what types of foods we are eating and why so many people are interested in those posts. You know, eating is a necessity of life - but so is sleeping and going to the bathroom. You don't see posts discussing these two topics which is kind of a great thing!  I'm not so sure how that would go over;

My toilet paper must always be over, never under, and I prefer round toilets over elongated. 

I enjoy scents of fruits, ocean, and woods over floral scents while taking care of business (both bathroom and bedroom business, if you know what I'm sayin').

I'm a side sleeper that never sleeps well because I have a bad rotator cuff. 

The queen size bed is not big enough for A, Roxi, and I. It just doesn't work. 

See what I am saying? It's just awkward and there is only so much to be said about going to the making a doody and snoozing. But food - food you can talk about for days. Years, in fact! There are so many different types and each tells a different story.

Have you seen the GE series on YouTube called Our American Kitchen? The videos are under 2 minutes long discussing what #OurAmericanKitchen means to different families. Families with disabilities, blended families, extended families, and friends.

These videos, they resonated with me and they were surprisingly emotional. How can a video under 2 minutes give you a knot in your throat and make your eyes swell? It's possible and I highly recommend you watch one or two, or all of the videos. It might give you a different perspective when sharing a recipe or reading other people's recipes.

Two of my favorite quotes from the videos are "Cooking is actually pretty awesome, when you think about it. It makes you feel creative." and "It's not the recipe - it's the joy that it brings."

Here is a preview for the series. Enjoy!

*This is not a sponsored post. I found the series all on my own and I feel it is worthy enough to share with you all. 


  1. Aw! I think we like cooking for our families because we do put a lot of love into it.

    1. That is so very true. And love is one of the best ingredients!!


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