a traveling Wife: How To Survive A Detox

How To Survive A Detox

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hey-oh. I was definitely avoiding you yesterday - please don't take offense. I am 5 weeks into my newest fitness journey and per the usual, I've hit the plateau. That time when you bust your butt, sweat like you've never sweated before, and the results just don't show up on the scale, in your clothing, or with the measuring calipers.

When I've hit my plateau in the past I would need to sit back and really evaluate what I was doing. I would take into consideration the workouts I was doing and the types of food I was eating. Usually simple adjustments help put me back on track. This time I am going to try an alternative route - the detox. Oooh, scary!!

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Now every detox is different and everyones opinion is different when it comes to detoxing. My focus is going to be a detox of sugars (any and all added sugars) with an emphasis on protein increase. I started this yesterday and I really wanted to put all my efforts into the first day - that's why I didn't show up here. Detoxing is hard, but it doesn't have to be impossible. I wanted to share my tips on how I plan to survive these 5 days of detox.

Stay hydrated
- This is always the hardest task for me on a daily basis. I try and pace myself throughout the day by having a glass of water with each meal and a glass of water between meals.

Pace yourself
- Pacing yourself isn't just important while working out, it is always something to keep in mind while detoxing. Don't overdo it with exercise and don't eat all of your meals before noon. These are surefire ways to make you not reach your detox goals.

Keep energized
- Natural energy is the best but when all else fails try and steer clear of the caffeine. LiviaOne Enzyme energy blend gives me a ton of energy throughout the day. I used to use the energy blend as a pre-workout drink but I tend to workout in the late afternoon and this would keep me up all night. Besides not giving me all the jitters like caffeine or another pre-workout mix, I am able to get my intake of over 100 different kind of nutrients just by using an 1/8th teaspoon.

Be mindful
- Our minds wander so easily and it can be challenging to tame our thoughts. I find it important to really think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. If you place a heavy focus on the results you are looking for from a detox it can easily be achieved.

Get a partner involved
- If you can get someone to join you in the detox great! If not, having a partner that can help cheer you on will make a big difference. Luckily for me, A has decided to join me on this 5 day journey.

Have you ever done a food detox? What made it easier for you to reach the end? Also, let me know if you are interested in my results - I can share weight changes, energy changes, and body fat composition changes.

*I received a sample of LiviaOne Enzyme energy blend with no other compensation. I do use the product and really like it - all opinions are my own. Thanks for your support.