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Living The 80:20 Lifestyle

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hello and happy Wednesday! Is anyone else struggling this week? Perhaps I am because of the migraine I had yesterday or because I really haven't created a schedule for myself since walking away from my real life job. But I do have a schedule to share my fantastic eats with you all on Wednesdays when I can - WIAW.

What I Ate Wednesday for me is typically What I am Eating This Week. Remember, I meal plan for the entire week with a few simple meals for breakfast, 2 lunches, and 2-3 dinners. And of course, several snacks to hold A and I over throughout the day. Today's focus will be on yesterday's food and a naughty little large dinner. 

For breakfast I had fruity cheerios with 1/2 cup skim milk and a strawberry protein smoothie with 1/2 scoop of my favorite Target protein powder. Can we discuss the difference between a smoothie and a shake? I never know which is which when it comes to using protein powder. Does anyone know the difference? Also, if you care to know the macros for breakfast, they are as follows;
2.9 Fat // 35.9 Carbs // 18.4 Protein

Look at how cute these little turkey, cheddar, apple roll-ups are. I'm just going to fill you in on a little secret here - they are DELISH! I made these the night before by just topping the apples with a little bit of lemon juice and see, there is no browning. 
Macros - 5.3 Fat // 13.7 Carbs // 9.1 Protein

Even though it has been beyond hot outside, no one can keep me away from a good stew. This one here is an Indian Stew with sweet potatoes, beans galore (kidney, garbanzo, and black beans) and a mixture of curry. This was a new recipe for me but I will definitely be making it again. 
Macros - 6.6 Fat // 31.4 Carbs // 10.7 Protein

At this point during the day, I was still struggling with my migraine. I opted for a nice hot glass of lemon water with California cherries and the best dang dark chocolate granola. 
Macros - 2.7 Fat // 31.9 Carbs // 3.3 Protein

I was still super hungry and at this point I had already calculated my dinner so I knew I had plenty of macros left. I made myself another glass of hot water with lemon and quickly devoured some spinach and artichoke hummus with pita crackers. #nom
Macros - 9.7 Fat // 31.8 Carbs // 3.7 Protein

This was totally not supposed to happen. A called me on his way home from work and asked if I wanted to go get Chinese. The Chinese restaurant near our house also serves Sushi. It seemed super sketch at first but was amazing! I said that I already had dinner planned out and it was already cooked. He then said, "Are you sure? I really wanted Chinese." And I proceeded with, "Okay!" I am a true sucker. 

So that entire plate of sushi was gobbled up by me all by myself. Along with 2 beers and a miso soup. That definitely did not fit in with my macros. 
Macros (roughly) - 27 Fat // 118.3 Carbs // 34.4 Protein

Today I woke up feeling guilt-free because I live an 80:20 life. While I cheated with yesterday's dinner, I am able to make up the remainder of the week with healthier choices. 

My total macros should be roughly 47 Fat // 210 Carbs // 111 Protein
Yesterday's were 54.2 Fat // 263 Carbs // 79.6 Protein

I am still learning about macros - how they effect my body and how they effect my fitness goals. The above numbers all represent grams per category and this is what I actually ate yesterday. Everything I stuck in my mouth was recorded for your viewing pleasure! :)

What are you eating this week? What's your favorite type of sushi?


  1. Awesome post! I think it's great to be able to have impromptu dinners and not feel guilty about it afterwards. Life is all about balance and as long as you balance your indulgences with healthy eating, you're doing it right!

    1. Thanks! I feel like eating out during the week results in a casual date, which doesn't happen often. :)


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