a traveling Wife: Dogs - They Have The Life

Dogs - They Have The Life

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dogs - you're either a dog person or you're not. And if you are not a dog person, you probably aren't reading this post.

A and I were on our way to the park the other day with our dog, Roxi. I was thinking about all the sweet pups she would meet in the park and at the dog beach. This is when my mind started to wander.

Dog, Pet, A dog's life

There are so many actions that are only appropriate for dogs to do. I mean, imagine if we introduced ourselves to someone new, only after sniffing their rears. Just not going to happen!

Because my thoughts were so random and entertaining to myself, I had to share them with you. Here you have actions that are socially acceptable for dogs to do and will cause all the side eyes if you were to try them. Enjoy!
Dogs - It is 100% appropriate, and mostly imperative, to sniff the rear of any dog you walk by. 
Humans - If you sniff the rear of a stranger you might get punched. Or arrested. 

Dogs - That dead fish you just walked by - go back and be sure to roll around on top of it. 
Humans - Roll around on dead fish and you will never, ever have friends. 

Dogs - Be sure to verify your neighborhood is safe and sniff the streets while going for a walk. Ooh, a fresh poo - you must mark right next to it.
Humans - Peeing in public will get you some sort of ticket... if you are caught. 

Dogs - Bark profusely to tell your human that there is a squirrel or bird or a leaf in your back yard. It's only to protect them.
Humans - Start yelling for no particular reason and you will look insane. We judge humans, not dogs.

Dogs - Sleep all day. There's nothing better to do.
Humans - You don't get the opportunity to sleep during the day. It's work, work, work. 

Dogs - Sit, lay, paw, speak, rollover - all just to get a treat.
Humans - Tricks won't get you treats. They just won't.

Dogs - The uglier the pooch, the more love it will get from strangers.
Humans - If you're ugly then you are ugly. Sorry!
Those are just a few of my crazy thoughts. Perhaps all of you left and will never return to this blog again.
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What are some other actions that are acceptable for animals but not for humans? I need a good laugh.