a traveling Wife: Running Streak - 20 Days

Running Streak - 20 Days

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I opened up my weather app this morning and it said, "It's like a [effin] oven outside. Just get naked, now - it's ice cream time." So I put on my shorts and went out for a run.

I'm crazy, just crazy.

Today marks day 21 of my running streak and I am not hurting all over the place like I was at day 10. My calves still get extremely tight during and immediately after my run but I blame this on my cheap running shoes and lack of warmup.

Because I am all about the whole sharing is caring notion, I wanted to share with you what I learned during my 20 day running streak. This is coming to you on day 21 because my run last night was late - don't hate. 

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- I have learned that the later in the day I get out to go running, the longer my time will be. You can basically add 30 seconds for every hour after 9am.

- I have learned that running on trash pickup day is no fun. Especially if it is super humid. Good thing I don't have issues with gagging.

- I have learned to enjoy running by myself. I used to 'pretend' to run if I were to go on my own. But now, now I can really get out there and enjoy it.

- I have learned that I don't really like wearing shorts while running. If this hot-as-hell weather would just go away, I could go back to my tights.

- I have learned that compression socks are my favorite thing ever. I wear them as long as I can after running before I need to look appropriate again. Who am I kidding? I work from home - there is not appropriate attire ever. 

I have not been sharing my daily check-ins with you all on Instagram like I did the first 10 days. If you liked the check-ins, just let me now and I will start doing the again. Either way, here are my run times for days 11-20 of my running streak.

day 11 - 1.88 miles // 9:18 pace
day 12 - 1 mile in 8:53
day 13 - 1 mile in 8:30
day 14 - 1 mile in 8:43
day 15 - 1 mile in 8:41
day 16 - 1 mile in 8:50
day 17 - 1 mile in 9:01
day 18 - 1 mile in 8:24
day 19 - 2 miles // 9:54 pace
day 20 - 1 mile in 8:13
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That's 24 miles in 20 days. With family coming into town next week and for a few weeks in September, I am making it my goal to stick with this. Here's to another 20 days. Then another 20, and another 20.

Do you run for time or distance? 

Interested in what I learned during my first ten days of running - click the image below.


  1. That's awesome! I have learned that if I want to run outside in this heat, I need to go at either 7AM or 7PM. Otherwise it's to the gym I go.

    1. Thanks! I like to get out before 9am, which usually happens unless the husband wants me to wait until he gets out of work.

      You are rocking it with all of theses races you have coming up!!

  2. Wow- running at all in this heat is alot.. but doing it for 20 days in a row?? Props to you!

    1. Thanks! The heat has been pretty intense most days.

  3. I completed day 145 of my current running streak this morning and can relate to much of what you learned in your first 20 days!! Here's to the next 20 days!

    1. Wow - way to go! I can only hope that I can reach a 100 day running streak. :)


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