a traveling Wife: Five Things You Should NOT Be Blogging About

Five Things You Should NOT Be Blogging About

Thursday, January 28, 2016

We all break rules every now and again, but are you blogging about any of these Five Things You Should NOT Be Blogging About?

Ever been in a blogging rut, stuck on what you should post next to keep up with your blogging schedule of 5-7 posts per week? Then I am sure you have seen running lists from other bloggers or lists on Pinterest with ideas on what topics to write about. But have you ever thought that some of these topics could be harming your reach or engagement? Maybe these topics are overused, maybe your audience can't relate to them, or maybe they are just flat out boring.

Let's talk about things that you should NOT be blogging about. And always remember, you don't need to write every single day to keep your audience engaged and gain new readers - that is a fact!

1. Announcing a blogging break.
This is 100% not necessary! The few people that actually read this post could likely unsubscribe knowing that you will be MIA for a period of time. If you are interested in letting your loyal readers know that you are taking a quick, or long break, let them know via your social media outlets.

2. Announcing your return from a blogging break.
If you didn't announce you were having a break, chances are your audience didn't even notice. Even if you made a small announcement on social media, I bet you didn't reach your entire audience. Don't make people think that you aren't committed to your readers by providing quality content, at however many posts a week or month that means to you. 

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3. Negativity.
Don't go posting negative complaints about a company or service, and don't go complaining about other bloggers. This puts an extremely sour taste in your reader's mouths and they will walk away quicker than you can apologize. It takes a really long time to rebuild your reputation, so don't put yourself in that situation.

4. Posts less than 300 words.
What can you possibly be talking about with less than 300 words? If you are finding a hard time to create more context, do a little research. Educate yourself on the topics, because after all, you are writing for your audience and they are turning to you for advice of some sort. Make it worth their time to return to your page post after post. 

5. Blogging anniversary.
Cool! Congratulations, you made it another year blogging. But what does that mean for your audience? Have they been following from day one? Chances are no. Sure, the length of time you have been blogging adds a sense of professionalism so include your founding date in your bio or about me page and save your blogging anniversary celebrations for social media. 
Are you guilty of blogging about any of these?
Do you have anything else that can be added to this list?