a traveling Wife: First Look and PreWedding

First Look and PreWedding

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I cannot even explain in words how much fun and joy I had in looking through my wedding photos. 

It has been definitely been a while since I sat down and looked through all 556 pictures.
Crazy, right? My photographer and assistant were awesome!!

Today I bring to you the first look of bride and groom as well as the pre-ceremony pictures.
We opted to take all our pictures as a couple and bridal party before the ceremony and family photos after the ceremony. It just allowed for a much smoother transition between things.


The day started out to be gloomy, cold and rainy.  
But they do say it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day. 
 However, after I was done with my hair and makeup and dressed, the rain quit and the 
sun was peeking through the clouds. I could not have asked for better weather. 
Our ceremony and reception were both in a historical hotel and not outdoors, but we were in 
Detroit and wanted to take advantage of the architecture and take photos outside.

I was housed in the wedding suite and Hubby was housed in the best man's room at the hotel where the wedding was at. We booked a limo for the day to drive us around downtown because parking is not always the easiest. 
After we were both ready, we decided to do the first look in 
the lobby right before we hopped into the limo.

Little did I know that Hubby would be on the phone with the limo driver when I arrived to the lobby.

Maid of Honor (sister) and me.
I think my face expresses it all - we just cannot get away from our cell phones.

And then he finally puts his phone away. Pure joy and love is written all over my face.

We then hop in the limo to hit up the D.

Just the two of us and the photographer and her assistant went out for about two hours to take photos around the city. Then we went back to the hotel to pick up the bridal party and ushers to take pictures.

We went to so many cool locations. From glamorous and luxurious to grungy and industrial.
Oh, and in case you didn't notice. I did an outfit change because, yes, I had two dresses.

And now the lovely bridal party and ushers.

From left to right: Kyle & Bryce (ushers), Dan (best man), Hubby, Me, Michelle (maid of honor), Matt & Matt (ushers).
I thought it was the best idea to take a majority of the photos beforehand just for my own 
personal stress. Plus, I ended up with some really hilarious candid shots.

It was super, duper bright out plus the reflector gave us this great squint look. But, you may notice my crazy face. I was slightly freaking out because a bee was in my flower that was in my hair.

 Of course I get caught making my most unique face, like ever.

Back story behind this one: See we were taking a group shot on the stairs that overlooked the river. Of course there were boats moving past us which was no big deal. But just wait. I stand up, face the stairs, and bent slightly to wipe any dirt off my dress. Just as I am doing this, one of the boats tugs its little horn and it sounds as though I just ripped one. Classy, real classy!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post because I had fun putting it together.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about the wedding ceremony.


  1. WOW! amazing pictures, girl! I am so jealous that you had two dresses- and I love love love your green shoes!

    the candid shots are wonderful :)

  2. Wooooww! I love the pictures! You guys look amazingly happy! :D And love the idea with two dresses! :)


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