a traveling Wife: DIY Egg White Face Mask

DIY Egg White Face Mask

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I love making at home face masks. Especially when the ingredients are so simple.

One of my favorite masks is an egg white mask. 

There are so many benefits to egg whites both nutritionally and for your skin. 
Some of the skin benefits include whitehead removal, oil removal, and skin tightening.

The main reason why I use the egg white face mask is for the tightening effects. 
It gives you the instant tighten while the mask is drying but it also has a slight longer effect.

Go ahead and give it a try.

  • One egg white

Separate the yolk from the egg and whisk up until lightly frothy. 

Apply to the face in an upward motion. Then let dry for 15-20 
minutes and wash off with face wash and warm water.

Have you tried a face mask like this?
Do you make other types of DIY face masks?

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  1. My mom and sisters and I would wear these masks when I was in high school. My dad would come home and be so confused because we all looked kinda...weird...

    I love them, though! They really are amazing.

    New follower! Feel free to come say hi...



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