a traveling Wife: Day Two - Fruit Cleanse

Day Two - Fruit Cleanse

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Before reading into this post, go check out what the cleanse is all about
And check out what happened during Day One.


Waking up to day two, knowing that we would be forced to munch on fruit for a majority of the day was dreadful. The Hubby and I immediately stepped on the scale and were surprised.

Me - 126.5 lb 

Hubby - 182.5 lb

That puts me down 2 pounds from the beginning of the cleanse and Hub down 4.5 pounds.
Insert happy dance.

Even better, we felt more energetic even though we were slightly hungry. Double bonus.

After we did our happy dance, we made a cup of coffee and started with our first serving of fruit. 
I ate a pear and Hubby ate one banana. A few minutes after eating his banana he was starving so added an apple to his first serving. First failure

We managed through our morning routine or what we have of a routine and ate our second serving of fruit two hours after the first. We both chowed down a delicious orange and 
Hub added an additional piece of fruit. Second failure.

Finally, two long hours later, we ate our third meal of fruit. 

This is where our major failure occurs. 
We caved. Like two hungry wolves fighting over one piece of meat.
Maybe an overstatement.

But we absolutely lost our minds and went to Chili's after eating that piece of fruit.
What did we eat at Chili's? Definitely nothing healthy - chips and salsa, miller light, and shared crispy chicken tacos. It was soo good but our body rejected it instantly.

For dinner we decided to be healthier than lunch and we both had a salad. 
That definitely made me feel better about failing the three day cleanse.

Then... dessert happened! Yup, dessert. 
These little guys were calling my name. However, I limited myself to only one 
while Hubs dug his spoon into delicious ice cream.

Before bed, we stepped on the dreaded scale only to see these results.

Me - 128 lb

Hubby - 185 lb 

We may have failed the short three day cleanse but it has completely changed my eating habits. 
We tried to go back to eating how we were at Chili's but our body did not know what to do.

Now I just want to continue to be conscious of what I am eating and the amount I am eating. Also, to be able to cook in the kitchen since we are done with the moving process will be a huge help rather than eating out.

Have you ever failed when trying a cleanse or detox.


  1. This has been super helpful to read!! You are so right about our bodies rejecting the bad crap even after just a couple short days without it. If I can ever stick to healthy eating for a few days-week, my body HATES anything bad I put into it!!

  2. found you via Erin at shades of grey! :) Love your blog - just followed!! I did the 10 day master cleanse in college - and by did I mean I did it for 3 days and them my roommate and I were like hmm maybe this is not worth it! LOL! And we felt much better after we stopped - I think that cleanse was too intense1 Have a great weekend!

  3. I've never tried a cleanse before but I'm very interested. A few other blogs I read are trying juice cleanses so I'm waiting to see if it help their skin, etc.



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