a traveling Wife: Head First into the Garage Door

Head First into the Garage Door

Monday, January 21, 2013

How was your weekend? 
Ours was quite enjoyable, beside some pretty sketchy weather.

It was another weekend of getting to know our neighborhood. 
I think it takes someone over a year to actually find and try out different shops, 
restaurants, museums, parks and so on.

Saturday we headed to downtown Indy. 
Growing up in a Detroit suburb, we are not afraid of downtown areas.

After doing some research online for the top restaurants to visit in Indy, we decided upon this German bar. Now I will not say the name because the food was less than great but the beers were pretty tasty.

We had this...

... and this.
In case you are wondering - 
hush puppies, chicken cordon blue, cajun chicken poppers, and brat & kraut balls.

Because we did not get enough beer variety at the German bar 
they have over 60 to choose from we stopped by a tap room on our way home. 

We went from wine country in California to beer country in the Midwest. 
And I will not complain about either.

Also, we picked up a little treat for the puppy at a little boutique bakery in Indy.
Pupcake and Ruffles

Back to the tasting room. We sampled 9 beers ranging from light all the way to IPA.
Then because we enjoyed them so much, we picked up a growler to take home.

Sunday was a day of grocery shopping and a quick happy hour lunch.

When we made it back home, I tried out a new salsa recipe and made some soup.
The salsa recipe needs a little bit of work but it was still yummy.

That is pretty much all we did this weekend.
Oh wait, I ran into the garage door, head first.

Happy Monday!


  1. omg that all looks amazing!!! I haven't had a beer in so long - a nice cold beer just hits the spot!

  2. hahahaah sounds like a great weekend! I almost run into our garage door pretty much daily!

  3. Oh this sounds like such a fun day :) I am not familiar with the German place, but I can take a guess where you got the puppy treats :D

  4. Hi Jenn! You commented on my blog- Hoosier Housewife -earlier and so I looked you up and found your blog!:) I'm so happy you found me and I really like your blog! Feel free to email me - it would be great to get to know new blogger friends in the area! merigrace@gmail.com

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Looks like y'all are enjoying your new home!

  6. I think it takes a few years to know your neighborhood! I still discover things I had no idea was here! hahaha Sounds like a great weekend!


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