a traveling Wife: New Year - Fruit Cleanse

New Year - Fruit Cleanse

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone.

This past month of December has been a month of horrible eating habits and dining out a lot while we moved across country photos coming soon. I have not started talking about new year's resolutions because I really do not have one. Although, from all of that junk food and eating out, my body is just not the same. I gained 3 pounds and just feel very ill.

So why not start out the new year with a cleanse? 
That is exactly what the Hubs and I are doing. 

I thought it might be fun to share our journey with you - from beginning to end.

But first, a little back story about the cleanse we are following. 
It is called Fruit Flush 3 Day Cleanse.

The detox was developed by Jay Robb who is a nutritionist, fitness trainer and entrepreneur.
The cleanse is used to increase overall body health and to remove 
contaminants from the body to increase stamina.

The cleanse consists of one day of a protein shake every 2 hours (from 8a-4p) and a 3-6 cup green salad at 6p. Then the second and third day includes one serving of fruit every 2 hours (from 8a-4p) and a 3-6 cup green salad at 6p. All of the foods must be raw and uncooked. 
More information can be found in his book.

We are planning on following this plan as closely as possible. 
However, we are also making a few adjustments.

Tomorrow is a review of our first day.