a traveling Wife: Driving through the Midwest

Driving through the Midwest

Monday, February 18, 2013

I am about to bombard you all with a ton of photos from this weekend.


Now that we live in Indiana, we are fortunate enough to be within five hours from both of our parents in Michigan. They actually only live one mile away from each other but in different cities. The Hubby and I are also fortunate that his parent's birthdays are in February and my parent's birthdays are in April. 
That saves us the hassle of making that 5 hour trip so often.

Why are you getting this little back story? Simply because we traveled to Michigan this past weekend to celebrate my in-law's birthday. It is so difficult to buy gifts for parents because they pretty much have anything they want. This lead us to the idea of treating them to a nice dinner.

But before that delicious dinner was the car ride to Michigan. 
It was a long 4.5 hour trip late Friday night.

The car was packed full of our belongings including our little baby.

If you have never driven through the Midwest, this is what you will most likely see.
The whole time...

We stayed the night at my in-laws because, after all, we were celebrating their birthday.

Saturday morning, we were able to stop over my parents house to 
see my parents, sister, niece, and fur nephew.

See my Mom in the back? To the left?

After a short visit with my family, Hubby and I went to my favorite place to eat in Michigan.
Coney Island!

You may or may not know the feud or story behind American and Lafayette coney island in downtown Detroit. And I probably would not be able to tell you which one is better because I have never actually eaten at the original locations. But if you are in Detroit, you might as well try 
both because they are right next door to each other. 
Yes, honestly.

Anyway, we ate at a coney island that is close by.
The restaurant is clearly known for their coney (chili) but I would not order anything but a plain hot dog and side of fries extra crispy. Seriously best thing ever! 

Afterwards, we went to see Hubby's side of the family at our nephew's hockey game. 

Finally, dinner time!
We enjoyed a nice restaurant in a quaint city. 

I ordered the coriander encrusted sea scallops and they were so tasty.

Once all four of us were stuffed to the brim, we went back to my in-law's house and put some pajamas on and opened up some wine. We finished the night off with the movie The Box.
I am not sure how I felt about it.

Sunday was our day to drive back home. only spending a few short days in Michigan with family is great but I have never wanted to be home so much. The drive is a serious headache. 

The puppy was seriously tired from all the socializing.

And our car has officially turned into an old lady. 
So close to 100,000 miles on my lady friend and I want her to last forever.
Yes I consider my car a female and yes she is my friend. 

We got home, unpacked the car and put on sweats. It is great to be home.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! That's awesome that you're within driving distance to both your family and your husband's family. We took a trip up to San Francisco this weekend - FUN!


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