a traveling Wife: 5k Shamrock Run

5k Shamrock Run

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I might be slightly addicted to running 5k's. But not just normal 5k's because that is for wimps.
I like the get muddy, drink beer, and/or maneuvering obstacles.

The Shamrock 5k Run did not let me down in any way.
It was such a blast and I would love to do one every weekend.
I could do without the post bar hopping though. Shit show?!

Many people have never heard of a 5k Beer Run before and you might be one of them.
Let me tell you, it is worth every kilometer to drink those 5+ beers.

Let's relive Sunday all over again right now.


The race started at 10am which is really not that early but to drag my butt out of bed to run when it is less than 30* outside is a tough one. We got to the park in Downtown Indianapolis early to check-in and start drinking some beers. This is the lovely group we ran with.

Hubby, Myself, friend, friend, friend, friend.

We all, along with everyone else, showed up in our best St. Patrick's Day attire and a good attitude.

The countdown to 10am came. We grabbed our beer, cheers'd to a great race, and hit the road running.

I was #27 right up front.

There was a break every kilometer of the run for another drink of beer. 
Who needs water stations?

I felt like I was running in the Chicago Marathon. Beer tables were set up every kilometer and as you ran/walked/crawled by, staff was handing out beer cups for people to chug and run off.
But I guess in a marathon you would be drinking water.

"Grab those beers, babe!"

We finished the race strong with an amazing time of 35:50. 
I mean we didn't trip over our feet, we took our time drinking the beers, and no one from my group puked. I don't care what our finishing time was because we had a blast.

The Hubs and I grabbed our final beer from the run and took a picture.
Clearly the finish time is not the above time mentioned because we had to go grab that beer for the picture.

We all ran with smiles on our faces and beer in our belly.
Great times.

Thank you to everyone at Fun-races.com  for throwing a great event!


  1. oh my this seems like sooo much fun!!!

  2. Hi Jenn, I'm so glad you came and had fun! It was a lot of work but so much fun hanging out with everyone! The only drag was that I didn't run... I may have sampled some beer though:) Hope to see you again -Chet, Race Director


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