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Life Changing Experiences

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

*Ad - Revolt Fitness is allowing me to participate in the program at no charge so long as I share weekly posts. 
All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.*

I am in absolute shock with the way I have been feeling about the way I look lately. Four weeks ago I started my first day with Revolt Fitness and I am so happy I didn't chicken out.

The program is real and it forces you to be accountable with yourself. There are definite perks to not having to go to the gym to get the daily workout finished. Like I could workout naked if I wanted to because I am in the privacy of my own home. But I don't think my ta-tas would be very happy to not have the support of a bra. Am I right?! But, because I don't go to the gym means I have to force myself to workout even though I could be sitting on the couch drinking my glass of wine. 

I thought today I could kind of go over how the last month has gone rather than just the last week. 
Here are my states from weeks one through four.
I must say that the statistical results don't look all that glamorous. In reality, I feel so much better, I sleep better at night when I stick with the program, I am not starving, and I must say my body is looking better than it has in the last couple of years. I like to call this disorder love chub. Of course this disorder occurred after my wedding!

I have a love-hate relationship with upper body strength days. I am the typical female and my upper body is pathetically weak. Finishing out the first four weeks has given me the strength to do a normal pushup even if it is just ONE without falling flat on my face. Just beware because you might get tickets to see this gun show...

As for food, there are very few meal items that I tried and just did not like as well as items I cannot eat due to allergies. I made my accommodations and thoroughly enjoy grocery shopping each week. I like to be nosey and see what other people put into their cart. Then I smile to myself at how expensive their bill is going to be with all that processed, prepared foods. People, buying fresh food is not expensive. Stop buying the precut, prewashed produce and take the extra 20 minutes to do it yourself then bag it up!!

Okay, enough lame talk and I am sorry for the lack of photos. Life happens sometimes. 
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  1. You are doing a great job! Have you tried the strawberry smoothie yet? It's probably the best thing I've tried on Revolt so far!

  2. Keep it up :) I also find people at the grocery store so funny! My co-workers too, are in shock over my grocery bills, they do not get how I do it..

  3. I just like to be sneaky and look what others are getting. And now I am thinking, it does not take that much time to do it yourself, and so much healthier. Freeze it yourself instead, healthier and so much better for you! :) Well done for sticking to it! :)

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    Have a terrific week!
    Hugs, Cathy

  5. This sounds like a great program! How tall are you? I'm always curious when people post their weight :). I look in other people's grocery carts too -- I try my best to stick to the outer aisles, and it really isn't too expensive!


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