a traveling Wife: Pretty Close to Perfect

Pretty Close to Perfect

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We all have items that we just cannot leave the house without. Unless you are the type of person that cannot even remember their first name, then you feel like your life is falling apart because you forgot that one item that you just need to have with you right this second. I am not that person.

I like to think that I am damn near close to perfect because I never forget a thing. That might be overstated, just a tad. I can already hear your little voice in your head saying, "Hmmm... what are the items that Jenn cannot leave the house without?" Let me show you.

  • Sunglasses - I have to have some stellar shades to protect my eyes or hide my face. Similar item found here.
  • Car keys - Unless I am walking my butt to my destination then keys are mandatory. My keys go to this car found here.
  • Purse - Because I need to lug all this junk around, a purse does just that job. From here.
  • Water bottle - We all need to stay hydrated and I like to bring some water whenever I leave the house. Similar found here.
  • Wallet - I rarely ever have cash on me so I don't know why I really must have a wallet. That plastic money would fit in any compartment of my purse or right in my pocket. But I still like to think that I have money so I carry the wallet. Similar found here.
  • Lip products - No one wants to be known as the lady that has massively chapped lips. So I am always sure to have some kind of lip products in tow before I head out the door. Here you can find Burt's Bees and Baby Lips.
  • Cell phone - We all know how important the cell phone is and how the world just about stops turning when it is misplaced for 0.2 seconds. That means, my little friend is in my hand for most of the day. I could never, ever leave the home without this thing. Found here.

What can't you leave the house without?