a traveling Wife: Battle of the Boxes - Pt 6

Battle of the Boxes - Pt 6

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm getting a little sad to be nearing an end of this series. I have had a ton of fun trying different ways to present reviews by photos, videos, and of course telling you the honest truth. Because today is also Chit Chat Thursday I had to include a short little vlog too.

*Ad - Green Grab Bag sent me a free box to review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.*

Green Grab Bag is a monthly beauty subscription box that ironically is not in a bag but a box. Each month you get at least 6 different all natural, organic, and vegan beauty samples. I know we all try to be conscious of eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle so why should our beauty products be full of nasty chemicals. I hate wasting my money on different types of beauty products only to find out they don't work for my skin and using samples is a way for me to test them out before I go spend that $30+ on moisturizer. PS - why do beauty products have to cost so much? It is ridiculous!

Another cool thing about Green Grab Bag is that you can build a custom box where you can choose what products you want to receive. I don't think any other beauty subscription box lets you do that.

So the box itself is pretty stinking amazing. But I am still trying to figure out why it comes in a box rather than a bag... Everything in the box was packaged up nice and the products didn't leak all over the place. There is nothing worse than getting your subscription box only to find out that the liquid bottle had leaked onto everything - gross.
So here is what I received:
bodyBrana Strawberry Face Toner (10ml) = $3.75
Lotus Moon Hibiscus Flower Hydrating Lotion (about 10ml) = $5.50
DeeVoo Radiant Moisturizer (0.5oz) = $5.50
Paper Doll Minerals So Cheeky! Blush (about 0.05g) = about $0.15
pldbody Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub (0.5oz) = $3.69
Soap Revolt Body Oil (0.25 oz) = $1.56
The box is not a huge value but you are definitely getting your money's worth plus a whole bunch of cool products that you would not have otherwise tried. I am very excited to try all the products out. As a matter of fact, I am wearing the blush today. My skin kind of had a freak out moment or month and is now finally calming down. So until my puberty stricken face is calm again, then I can try out the rest of these products. 

Have you ever heard of Green Grab Bag?
Do you use natural beauty products?


  1. I have not hear of them! I have used some natural products, but mostly tend to stick with shampoo and conditioner and shower gel, as I find the make up not to great when I have tried!

  2. Hi Jenn,

    a lovely blog, indeed!!
    apropos Nutella: I found some alternatives to that are a tad bit "healthier," otherwise, I understand the addiction completely.
    I was wondering if you got the chance to try the bodyBrana Strawberry Toner, which I make with my "bare hands"? It is the one I use all the time (well, sometimes I sneak in the Rose toner) and I'm so interested in what you thought!


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