a traveling Wife: Being an Adult - It Sucks

Being an Adult - It Sucks

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Being an adult is hard. I mean you have to do laundry, make dinners, be responsible, and pay bills. Well how are you supposed to pay those bills without a job? Chances are you won't be able to. I am very thankful to have finally found a job after 1.5 years of searching and moving out of 2 different states. But having a job means the luxuries of being unemployed are gone.

I can no longer sleep in until about noon I never did this anyway.

Yoga pants and sweat pants are not appropriate work attire and I miss that daily uniform. 

I can no longer snuggle with my puppy 24/7.  I feel like I am neglecting my poor baby but I bet she loves to bark all day long without getting yelled at.

Fitness and exercise is a thing of the past. I like the way I feel after a good workout and I notice that I sleep better as well. But spending 1 hour on the road and 9 hours at work, going home or to the gym to workout seems like a second job. I am working on including 3-4 days a week of fitness as well as joining some fitness classes at work but in reality, I would rather go home, sit on the couch and watch some reality tv - Big Brother!!

Why don't we talk about the task of working while still maintaining a blog. It's a lot of freaking work. Like a lot of work. If exercise wasn't my second job, blogging sure is. BJ, before job, I used to blog each and everyday. Reading my favorite blogs, researching new blogs and topics, as well as writing my own posts. Now all of my blogging gets done in one day. I sit with my beer, wine, and/ or cocktail and nail out 4-5 posts in a few hours. I wish I still had time to read more blogs but now I get to really catch up on my all time favorite 5 blogs are you one of them?.

This little sucker called an iron, has made an entrance into my life again. I would much rather he sit on a shelf and collect dust rather than actually having to use him once a week. Good thing I can wear casual clothing all the time to work and I don't have too many items to iron - maybe just 2 shirts a week.

Have you ever experienced unemployment?


  1. Yes I have experienced unemployment and it does suck. But I was a stay at home mom for 5 months and I loved it. Being with my babies and doing things with them was always nice.

  2. I'm currently unemployed right now! I was loving it for the first month but It's going on month two now. After dropping off a bazillion reumes at a ton of dental offices with no responses I'm having to explore different options that unfortunately do not include what I went to school for. Hopefully I will get some good news soon!

  3. I am so jealous you have an exercise ball as your chair!

  4. I've been a stay at home mom for a year since our son was born, which is wonderful except for the fact that my hubby changed careers and took a 60% pay cut in doing so.... So I've been looking for part time work or something I could do from home and it's been hard! The best part is being able to be with our son every day and watch him grow up--that really is priceless... Besides blogging, my favorite hobby is hot yoga and without working full time and now that my son is old enough for gym childcare, I get to do it all the time!! :)

    {PS I follow you on GFC, youtube, pinterest, instagram, twitter and bloglovin!}


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