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Takin' Care of Business

Monday, July 15, 2013

Working 9 to 5 plus some is what has become a common thing around this neck of the woods. Some overtime was offered up in the office and I jumped on that train quicker than I ran to the bathroom after some food truck festivities. Too much?! I am mostly picking up the overtime before it becomes mandatory and messes with my date with some beer next weekend. While I worked a few several hours over the weekend, I sure had a ton of fun as well.

Friday I stayed late at the office then A and I went to a friend's house. A few beers and many hours later, we wound up at home around 1:30a. That is the latest this old hag has stayed up in ages. But, again, I am just prepping for this weekend's beer date.

Saturday we were up fairly early even for going to bed at 2am. Waking up with a pounding headache knowing that the day is going to be absolutely amazing outside kind of makes you think twice about drinking like that again. Some people live and learn others, like myself, will live and repeat bad mistakes.

Any-who, we popped some pills and downed a bunch of water then made our way to downtown Indy to try and help break a world record - while doing zumba.
After we got done making a fool of ourselves and sweating like we've never sweated before, we hit up food truck alley to grab some grub. Now I have never ever eaten any food from a food truck but I have always been curious. We have food trucks come to my office about three times a week but I just have not had enough courage to eat food from a roach coach. Let me get back to the weekend. After checking the menu at each truck we decided to try two - tacos and sliders.
The tacos were Ahh-Mazing - so good. We ordered chicken tandoori, beef, and pakora all with a mango salsa on top. The slider on the other hand was pretty basic. Along with the slider we order a bacon sweet potato hash which was one of their best sellers but I found it too salty. I am picky when it comes to how I want food to taste but I am not a picky eater. Does that make sense?!
Now at this point our bellies were full and we waddled our way back to the car. On our way home we stopped at a few car dealerships because we are in need of a car since A has sold his. Wow, news to you all. A bought his car from a friend and that said friend is buying the car back from us. Long story but it was planned that way before we even bought it. Right when we got to the first dealership my stomach started to feel funny. I know I have a sensitivity to mangoes and thought the mango salsa on the tacos was the culprit. But then the stomach ache got worse - like I will run to the bathroom as quick as possible or give me a diaper. Needless to say, I may not be trying a food truck again for a long, long time.

Saturday ended with some grocery shopping and getting some work done on my computer while sitting on the patio. It was a crazy busy day!

Sunday was my day to play big girl because I had to work. Luckily it was just overtime so the pay outweighs how early I had to be up on the weekend. I stopped on my way to work to grab some super healthy not breakfast and caffeine to help wake me up.
This is when the real fun began. Seriously. Two hours after arriving to work and with only three people in the office, the fire alarm starts to go off. Insert the three of us frantically jumping up. There is nothing like a fire alarm to get your morning going. We grab our things and headed out the door. After calling our managers/bosses and the property management with no luck of anyone answering the phones, we decided to call 911 just incase there was an actual fire. Our building is pretty huge because we are attached to a packing warehouse so when the firetrucks came, they all came. And let me just tell you, I could not complain. There is something that is hardwired in us girls for our hearts to melt over a man in a uniform. Honestly, the only uniform that really gets my fire burning ha catch the pun? is a fireman. I mean seriously...
After all six of the firetrucks gave the okay that the building was clear we got news that the property management was planning on testing the alarms all day without giving notification to our company because we don't normally work on Sundays. Great, just great. It was definitely an entertaining day at the office.

The remainder of the day was catching up on house work, cooking, blogging, and arguing with A about which car to buy. Big purchases are always stressful especially when you are down to just a few days before we will be a family with only one car. It will be interesting to see which car we choose. You will have to stay tuned!

Who makes the important decisions in your house?


  1. It depends on who is more knowledgeable on the topic. Cars is def my hubby's area and computer stuff is mine.

    Follow you through GFC and bloglovin. My fav part of the weekend was the itty bitty time I got o myself while my husband entertained the kiddies.

  2. Looks like you had an eventful weekend! Food trucks are the best! Yummmm.

  3. I was so excited when I found out we have several food trucks come to the farmer's market down here. Yum!


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